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(*) Not exactly Canada; but, close enough for improvisational purposes. See also the CI Global Calendar

2021 April – International Online Conference on the Future of CI

April 23 to April 25 2021 – International Online Conference

Call for Workshop Proposals on The Future of CI – Deadline for submission February 15 2021

The Future of CI: International Online Conferance – Online April 23-25 2021

Join in a global conversation about the future of contact improvisation!

CI is nearing its 50th birthday. The world has changed in many ways, as has dance itself.

  • Nancy Stark Smith left us this year.
  • The dance field has been deeply affected by COVID-19.
  • Most CI jams and festivals have been stopped for nearly a year.
  • Many CI artists and teachers saw their practice disappear entirely.
  • People and institutions have had to change and adapt.
  • The dance field that emerges after the pandemic will not be the same as before.
  • We cannot go backwards.
  • So we must lean forward.

We have a tremendous opportunity right now. COVID-19 has paused our dancing together and given us time to reflect. Will we step back in right where we left off? Could this be a pivotal moment to make a change?

With presenters from around the world, this conference will offer ideas and reflections on major topics like Equity and Access and CI in a Changing World. From presentations to panels, movement workshops and facilitated conversations, together we’ll broach topics on Consent, Queerness, Equity, New CI Forms, the Pandemic and more.

What is Contact Improvisation Dance ?

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