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2017 May 30 – Peterborough Contact Improv Class and Jam

7pm Class and dance jam in Peterborough with live music at the Contact Improvisation Class & Jam

Strengthen your body, open your mind, and fine tune your ability to listen and respond to each moment. Create partner dances using fun and safe activities moving in and out of physical contact. Join us to connect and to rediscover the intelligence of your body. This beginner friendly fundamentals class is suitable for all physical abilities - with or without dance experience. No partner necessary

The jam will be accompanied once again by the incomparable Jessica Lindeman on cello. Henry Wai is teaching.

WHEN: Registration 6:45pm WHAT: Class from 7:00-8:00pm; open dancing Jam from 8:00-9:30 pm WHERE: Market Hall, 140 Charlotte St, Peterborough. ACCESSIBLE: Wheelchair accessible.

Contact Laurie Davis for more information. Car pools are being organized from Toronto and maybe other cities.

2017 June 20-25 - Big Heart Dance Camp

UniCamp of Ontario - Honeywood (west of Barrie)

Big Heart Happy People

The annual Big Heart Dance Camp is a multi-arts, intergenerational, weekend gathering of creative conscious community. Follow the link for details.

Contact Ian! Allen about car pooling to this event from the Ottawa/Gatineau area.

2017 June 28 to July 2 - Contact Dance International Film Festival

CDIFF in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Kathleen and Nils dancing on the sidewalk

The Contact Dance International Film Festival (CDIFF) returns to Toronto for its third season. This festival, produced by REAson d’etre dance productions, celebrates films featuring momentum-based dance created by some of the top creators and dancers in the field of Contact Dance Improvisation. The festival is a unique opportunity for both film and dance lovers to experience the joy, chaos and intimacy of human connection through physical movement. From the iconic Honest Ed’s in Toronto, to Helsinki’s Market Square to the New York Subway, dancers fly and bodies collide with force, grace and tenderness.

For more details please see

couple dancing in old warehouse couple dancing beside a tree

2017 Nov 18 & 19 – Montreal Annual Contact Improv Dance Jam

Association Contact Improv [ACI] presents the 35th Annual Montreal International Contact Improv Jam
Saturday November 18 and Sunday November 19, 2017
Preceded by a week of workshops and performances. Get the details on the Association Contact Improv [ACI] page.

Contact Ian! Allen about car pooling to this event from the Ottawa/Montreal area.

International Events (*)

(*) Not exactly Canada; but, close enough for improvisational purposes.

2017 July – Earthdance Summer Contact Improv Dance Jam

June 28 – July 4 2017
Earthdance – Plainfield, Massachusetts, USA

Earthdance Umbrella Barn

The Earthdance July 4th Contact Improv Jam: "Come play and experience the richness and beauty of yourself and others." Heavenly sights, sounds, and smells are all around; summer is on high at Earthdance. Fireworks, forest adventures, and dances of all shapes and sizes bring fun for the whole family during this July 4th Jam. Through the week, we become a radiant community that can support one and all. Revel in the bounty and beauty of connection! The Earthdance Family Committee organizes a structured children's program for several hours/day. All levels of experience welcome.

Summer is on high during this family-oriented Contact Improvisation Jam. Enjoy brilliant sunshine, grassy fields, fun and games, and dances of all shapes ans sizes. Revel in the bounty and beauty of 30 years of community collaboration! Includes programming for kids of all ages.

Contact Ian! Allen about car pooling to this event from the Ottawa/Montreal area.

2017 July – Earthdance – Touch & Play: Unveiling

July 6 – July 11 2017
Earthdance – Plainfield, Massachusetts, USA

Touch and Play

Another Touch & Play event in North America! (Touch & Play on facebook)

Contact Improvisation can be an act of freedom and revelation! Let’s pull back the veil, expand our edges, investigate how our patterns and attitudes may limit us and try on new versions of ourselves. We continue to question the relationship of “chemistry & physics” in CI through movement, touch, intimacy, communication and connection to radical truth. Touch & Play festivals have a history of exploring the edges of what CI can be while maintaining high standards of safety and consent, and are known as events in which personal and communal celebration and growth reach new levels.

Contact Ian! Allen about car pooling to this event from the Ottawa/Montreal area.

2017 August - DNE Summer Dance Camp

August 17 to 27 Dance New England Summer Dance Camp
Camp Robin Hood - Freedom, New Hampshire, USA

Dancers Image

Dance New England Summer Dance Camp: This August, experience Dance New England Dance Camp for ten wondrous days, where together we build an alternative world to nourish our creative spirit. There is of course dance: African, ballroom, contact improvisation, and salsa (teen favorite). Dance with snakes, humans, and your glorious self. Dance to live music. Dance all night to excellent DJs. Sweat prayers, breathe transformationally, beat drums, learn multiple styles of yoga and massage from master teachers. Or find a peaceful spot at the beach from which to contemplate mountains and sunset. Eat, converse, sing, schmooze. Dance Camp is ours to co-create. Join us!

For a preview of the types of classes that will be offered in 2017, see last year's 2016 Dance Camp pages:

Contact Ian! Allen about car pooling to this event from the Ottawa/Montreal area.

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