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2023 October: Montréal International Contact Jam

Montréal Jam Opening

Registration for the Montréal International Contact Jam is now Open!

Association Contact Improv [ACI] presents the 38th Annual Montréal International Contact Improv Jam Saturday October 20 and Sunday October 21, 2023 preceded by a week of workshops and performances. Get the details on the Association Contact Improv [ACI] page. Also try a direct link to the 2023 International Montréal Jam page.

Contact Ian! Allen about car pooling to this event from the Ottawa/Gatineau/Montréal area.

Montréal Jam Opening

International Events (*)

(*) Not exactly Canada; but, close enough for improvisational purposes. See also the CI Global Calendar

Yes, Earthdance booked the same weekend for their annual Fall Jam event as the Montréal Annual Jam. We are sad. :-( See you in Montréal!

What is Contact Improvisation Dance ?

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