Because we love to move.

Because we want to create spaces where we can sense our whole selves, and our selves as part of a larger whole.

To create environments where we are so rapt with the intricate unfolding, that questions about who we 'should be' or what we 'should do', simply fall away...

...where we seem to have found ourselves to be more alive than we thought was possible... if we forgot we could take up this much space, until again, suddenly we had room to move.

What has been said...

About Contact Classes:

"The next day I noticed my voice was more resonant. I attribute this to being flattened by human steam-rollers. :-)"

"Yesterday's contact class was splendid! I find that contact seems like a fusion of movement/dance and therapy/energy healing through the contact."

About The KW MOOV:

"Woken up!"

"I felt freed up and able to wheel around the room, enjoying the a freedom of expression."

"I appreciate your understanding of the elements, the 3rd force and our loop of choice within that. It's great that you have this whole thing humming along - I look forward to being on that floor again soon."

About Workshops:

"People LOVED the contact dance..they were talking about it for hours was such a wonderful experience. I know people are interested in doing more of it :) Thank you once again for a great workshop!"
Margarita Osipian, Organizer of Love Your Body Week and Coordinator UW Women's Centre

"I feel like I really got out of my head and completely into my body, and just felt so chilled out afterwards. I really liked the progression you moved us through- from stillness to movement and from solitude to community with the rest of the group."
Leena Miller, Workshop Participant

"I appreciated your sensitivity. You gently invited me to explore." Carousel Workshop

"LOVED the ASK workshop! It got me out from behind the comfort zone of my djembe and onto the dance floor! Very liberating!!"

Two Letters from David Trinh, International Swing Dance Instructor and Performer

Hello Tanya,

Thank you for a wonderful class tonight, I enjoyed it a lot and hope to see more of your classes in our dance scene.

I believe what you are teaching is very valuable to anyone who really wants to learn 'how' to dance not what to dance. As I have already told you, I am an active member in the Lindyhop community, not only here but in Toronto and surround areas.

Thank you so much for contributing to the community, I hope to see you soon.

David Trinh

To the Social Dance Community,

I took the intro to contact dance last Monday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Get away from the details of counts and the music and go back into the roots of body movements and connection.

Steven and Virgine talked about relationships to the floor last summer when they were in Toronto during their musicality class. Here's a chance to really focus on that relationship through a series of exercises.

I hope to take more of these classes and encourage those who wish to explore raw body movements to try it out. I am sure this will help inspire you to do more in your social dancing.

David Trinh

Feb. 14/06 'What is it to be pining away from the norm?' : A Poem

Battle shots gone strangely silent;
A body can no longer acclaim the hold of the trench.
All eeriness bound to his crouched position of ever so long--
This closed off the fountain of the gentle, searching gaze he scarcely
Understood that he craved.

What would it take to freshen his expectation,
To curate the muscles which might yet be
Fletched forward in the course of sheer curiosity?
Could his ear conceive that all shouts in the external were not
To check his impulses in their fluttering state,
He might be surprised, charmed to detect
The warmth, privilege endowed without care by
The land others didn't think twice to call home.

Phil Klassen