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Ontario Regional Contact Improv Jam - April 15-17 2006 Canadian Flag

2006 Ontario Regional Contact Improv Jam

April 15-17 2006 - Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

Ottawa hosts the annual Ontario Regional Contact Improv Jam!

April 14-16, 2006 - Easter Weekend

Online Pre-Registration is now open!

Ottawa hosts the annual Ontario Regional Contact Jam! This annual event is open to anyone, from anywhere on the planet, who is interested in contact improvisational dance. Hosted in the professional dance studios of The School of Dance, 200 Crichton St., Ottawa, CANADA, we offer you housing, good food, wonderful people and more! Improvisers meet here from across Canada, Quebec, and the USA. You can get driving times and directions to Ottawa on the Find Out More! page. Come dance with us!

Nos voisin(e)s du Québec/Montréal sont chaleureusement invité(e)s.

Get started learning Contact Improv in our introductory workshops. The weekend offers you a continuous open jam with beginner and all-levels workshops in parallel in other studios.

We feed you! - Vegetarian and Vegan/Raw meals are included in the registration fee. A variety of healthy snacks are provided throughout the weekend, with lunch and supper provided Saturday and lunch provided Sunday. A tentative menu is posted on the Find Out More! page.

Special Events happen in parallel with the main contact jam. We offer an Introduction to Contact Improv workshop Friday evening and All-levels Contact Improv workshops Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday evening the Open Contact Jam is accompanied by live music.

Pre-register online! Full weekend registration, everything included, is $75 in April. For individual drop-in day/evening rates, registration kits, maps, and travel information see the Find Out More! page.

Doors open for on-site registration at 6pm (18h00) on Friday evening. You can pre-register online and pay by credit card, or you can postal mail us a cheque. At-the-door and single-day registrations also accepted.

Come live with us! Billeting is available - you dance with us, you live with us! Arrange Housing online before April 1. To get matched with a guest host, fill out the online housing form on the Find Out More! page.

Jam Location: The School of Dance - 200 Crichton Street - Ottawa CANADA. The School offers multiple professional dance studios with sprung flooring covered in clean Roscoe ("Marley") black vinyl. The building environment is zero-fragrance (no perfumes) and a map with full driving directions is available via the Find Out More! page.

Spread the Word: Print and put up a Jam poster or flyer from our Media / Publicity collection. Tell your friends to read about it all on the Web site or call for telephone information (Lucien +1-819-772-2692 - français/English) or send us EMail (Ian! - English/français).

Hosted by The School of Dance - 200 Crichton Street, Ottawa

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