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The School of Dance, Ottawa

Ontario Regional Contact Jam - April 14-16 2006

Ottawa Contact Improv Jam 2006
April 14-16 2006 -- Registration Information Form

If you require billeting/housing arrangements please fill in and submit the housing form before April 1.

Online registration contact person: Ian!

Your name:
Your email:
Your email (again):
Your area code and telephone number: Format: 123-456-7890
What is the best way to contact you?
Do you require housing/billeting? Yes, I need housing/billeting and have filled out the housing form.
Optional information (or contact Ian!):

Note: PayPal/credit-card online processing fee is 2.9% plus $0.55 for card/online payments

Full Weekend Early Online Registration
(before April 1 2006)
$65 CDN + $2.50 PayPal online fee
Full Weekend Early Cheque Registration
(before April 1 2006)
$65 CDN (mail cheque)
Full Weekend Online Registration
(after March 31 2006)
$75 CDN + $2.81 PayPal online fee
Full Weekend Cheque Registration
(after March 31 2006)
$75 CDN (mail cheque or pay at the door)

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