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Ontario Regional Jam 2009

Toronto - May 15th to 17th 2009

Ontario Regional Jam
  • To encourage sustainable practices we recommend that you bring your own eating utensils: fork, knife, spoon, plate, bowl and cup. We will have a washing station set up with everything necessary to wash and dry your utensils. For those who won't have eating utensils with them, we will have kits available, but at a minimal fee for it.
  • See the schedule
  • See the list of practitioners offering Bodywork and Healing Arts sessions on Saturday
  • Volunteers who would like to help prepare food for the jam please contact Tom at thnyoung(at) Cooking will take place Wednesday through Saturday, and help at any point will be appreciated.

Dates:     May 15 - 17 2009

Starting:  Friday May 15 at 6pm
Ending:    Sunday May 17 at 5pm

Location:  In Toronto
	   Dovercourt House, 2nd and 3rd floor
	   805 Dovercourt Road
	   (just north of Bloor, between Ossington and Dufferin)

Join us for lots of dancing and more:
    - Ongoing jams with guided warm ups
    - Vegetarian food
    - Live music jam
    - DJ jam
    - Performances
    - Bodywork and healing arts
    - Contact labs and one on one sessions (skill sharing)

Full weekend registration (food included):
    $60	before April 30
    $75	before May 10
    $85	at the door

Daily prices (food included):
    Friday     6pm to 12am  $25
    Saturday  10am to  5pm  $25
    Saturday   5pm to 12am  $25
    Saturday  10am to 12am  $50
    Sunday    10am to  5pm  $25

All levels welcome
Billeting available

For information please email:

TO REGISTER email the following information to, with "Registration" as the subject:
    - First Name
    - Last Name
    - Email Address
    - Telephone Number
    - Which city are you coming from?
    - Do you need billeting? Can you offer billeting?

You can then pay by cheque, addressed to "Yves Candau", and sent to:

    Yves Candau
    580 Christie Street, Suite 1112
    Toronto Ontario M6G 3E3

Or if you are in Toronto you can also pay by cash or hand out your cheque
directly to John Newton or Yves Candau at the Wednesday or the Sunday jam.

Ontario Regional Jam

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