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Ontario Regional Contact Improv Jam

Jam régional de danse contact
improvisation de l’Ontario

Canadian Flag   May 11 - 13 2012
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

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$65 in March; $75 in April; $85 in May 2012 (PayPal link and postal address have been archived.)

Your Ottawa Hosts:

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$65 in March; $75 in April; $85 in May 2012 (PayPal link and postal address have been archived.)

Contact Improvisation: A Dance for Everyone
« De la danse pour tous »

Ottawa hosts the annual Ontario Regional Contact Jam 2012!
Bienvenue au jam annuel de l'Ontario à Ottawa!

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A Contact Improvisation dance jam! The ORCJ jam will feature workshops and special sessions, featuring some of Ottawa's great movement teachers. Look at our fabulous weekend schedule.
  • Beginners and newcomers and mixed-ability persons with all levels of dance experience welcome.
  • If you can get to Ottawa from wherever you live, you're in the Ontario Region and we'll treat you like family!
  • Bilingual English/français facilitation (as volunteers permit)
  • Want to learn Contact Improvisation? During the jam, come to our Contact Improv Beginner class.
  • Before the Jam starts, in Ottawa, come to a series of four Ottawa Contact Improv Beginner classes April 7, 14, 21, and 28.
  • Come with loose-fitting or yoga clothes and be prepared to dance in bare feet.
  • For all languages - we'll do our best to provide translation as volunteers permit.
  • To support those who are sensitive to smells and odours, avoid scents or perfumes on you and your clothing, please! Come as you are!
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  • starts 6pm Friday May 11 2012
  • ends 4pm Sunday May 13 2012
Studio A and Studio B in Arts Court located at 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario.
Sumptuous vegetarian feasts provided throughout the weekend, coordinated by Eileen Scully and Camille Schmiedel. See our fabulous Food Menu for details. We'd like to know who has food allergies that we should be aware of; we can't promise that we will accommodate all of them, but we will do our best. Contact Eileen Scully (English / français) via We ask people to bring plates, bowls, mugs and cutlery with them to the jam. (Food help needed! See below.)
Billeting / Housing / Lodging
Free billeting (housing) may be available, especially if you register early. After you register, fill out the housing form to request billeting.

(Ottawa Billeting is also needed! If you are in Ottawa/Gatineau and have billet space to offer, See below.)

Ottawa is a small community; late billeting may not be possible. If you don't have billeting arranged, come prepared to stay in a hotel. We have links to paid accommodation in the Ottawa area.
Ride Sharing / Car Pooling
We are coordinating rides to and from Ottawa. After you register, enter your ride details in the free VIAmerge form to coordinate your transportation with other dancers.

$65 in March; $75 in April; $85 in May 2012 (PayPal link and postal address have been archived.)
Weekend Schedule / Horaire
Tentative Schedule updated April 29, 2012 and subject to CHANGE!
Studio A (Theatre) has Marley/Roscoe/vinyl flooring. Studio B (Courtroom) has a sprung wood floor.

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français [HTML 107KB]   français [PDF 59KB]
  • Arrive after 6pm on Friday, May 11, 2012
  • Leave before 5:30pm Sunday, May 13 2012
Friday evening:
Beginner's easy introduction to Contact Improvisation with Henry Wai at 8pm! Bring your friends!
Open contact jamming.
Lights out before midnight.
Early morning yoga with Elizabeth MacKinnon.
Guided contact jam warm-up led by Naomi Sparrow.
Body-Mind Centering® and Contact Improvisation workshop with Naomi Sparrow.
Open contact jamming.
Mixed-ability dance workshop with Propeller Dance.
Paired coaching sessions.
Contact Jam with live music.
Evening performances and talent show followed by barefoot boogie DJ dancing.
Lights out before midnight.
Early morning Authentic Movement Practice with Wendy Philpott.
Guided contact jam warm-up led by Sally Morgan.
Open contact jamming.
Family-friendly Movement jam (bring children!).
Contact Jam with music.
Closing Circle 16h00 (4pm).
Clean up and go home 17h00 (5pm).
Special Events (see below)
  • Naomi Sparrow, a leading Body-Mind Centering® teacher, will help you bring an embodied awareness to your dancing: Naomi
  • Propeller Dance, Ontario’s only mixed-ability dance company, will facilitate dancing for all bodies: Propeller
  • An introduction to Contact Improvisation workshop with Henry Wai – refresh your skills or dive in for the first time! Beginning Contact Improvisation Class! Invite your friends! Two Rabbits Dancing
  • A Family Movement Jam will bring all generations out on the dance floor.
  • Paired coaching – have you always wanted to learn a specific skill or just want to have some focused one-on-one instruction? This is your chance!
  • Early morning yoga and Authentic Movement sessions to start your day off balanced and renewed.
  • Shared performances and talent show
  • Contact Improv Dance Musicians: Laura Nerenberg, Violin and Mike Essoudry, Percussion
  • Saturday Night Barefoot Boogie Dance DJ: Laszlo Szijarto
Cost / Fees (all-inclusive weekend)
  • $65 if paid on or before March 31, 2012
  • $75 in April 2012
  • $85 in May 2012
  • Children accompanying parent(s): free
  • Day/hourly rates:
    $20 for Friday evening
    6pm - 10pm ~ includes beginner's introduction
    $25 for Saturday morning
    9am - 2pm ~ includes Yoga, Body-Mind Centering
    $25 for Saturday afternoon
    2pm - 7pm ~ includes Propeller Dance, paired coaching
    $25 for Saturday evening
    7pm - 11pm ~ includes dinner, talent show, boogie
    $25 for Sunday all day
    9am - 4pm ~ includes Authentic Movement, family jam
    $65 for Saturday all day
Contact a Human +1-416-427-2177 (Charlie Halpern-Hamu)
List of Organizers
Ontario Jam Facebook RSVP
Registration Welcome Letter (sent to all registrants)

Contact Improvisation Beginner Class

The Very Basics Introduction

We never get BEYOND the fundamentals. We can only aspire to master them. - Mark Koenig

Contact Improv Logo

For people who are completely new or fairly new to Contact Improvisation, the Ontario Regional Contact Jam is offering a Beginner's Workshop Introduction to Contact Improvisation Fundamentals with Henry Wai: Friday, May 11 from 8pm to 10pm.

The aim is to provide a fun and safe introduction to three fundamental practices so people can then begin dancing at the Ontario Regional Contact Jam (and elsewhere). Come play with us!

Come to the Intro with stretchy or yoga clothes (no zippers, buttons, or buckles) and be prepared to dance in bare feet. Please refrain from wearing perfumes or other scents, to support the health of those who are allergic.

The class is included as part of the Ontario Regional Contact Jam weekend admission fee. Guests not subscribed to the full weekend pay $10 for the class.

For more information about the intro class, contact the facilitator Henry Wai at or 416-913-8861 and visit his web site at EveryBodyDanceYes.

HENRY WAI Henry started dancing at the tender age of 44 and has been delightfully exploring a world of movement possibility ever since. He offers one-on-one sessions and classes for introducing Contact Improvisation to newcomers and has a particular enthusiasm for teaching people with little or no dance background. Henry has taken Contact classes with Nancy Stark Smith, Pam Johnson, Karen and Allen Kaeja, Benno Voorham, Ray Chung and numerous others.

BodyMind Centering® and Contact Improv

Towards and Away

Naomi Sparrow Dancing

Contact Improvisation as an art form embodies an immense range of how we can meet and move together. It's free and open and fun. A fundamental part of that play is moving towards and away from someone. In this workshop, I will share some basic Body-Mind Centering principles which can help to find and move clearly from the body's center. How do you find your center? How can you initiate movement from your center and sequence it through your whole body? How do you bring it to a dance and maintain it as the dance transforms? Embodying a full, dynamic center call allow you enormous freedom of movement, on the floor, in space, on another body, in all directions, with all six limbs.

Naomi Sparrow Has been dancing since she was a wee lass, in the Gatineau Hills. Early studies in yoga and modern dance, gave way to intensive explorations of technique and patterning. Starting with Bartenieff Fundamentals and Laban Analysis, she moved into voice and movement improvisation, moving/sounding/drawing practices, Body-Mind Centering®, Authentic Movement, and a passionate love of Contact Improvisation.

Naomi taught Contact Improvisation as well as moving/sounding/writing practice in Ottawa for over a decade, until Body-Mind Centering®, mothering and private practice took over.

She is a certified Teacher and Practitioner of Body-Mind Centering® and a certified Infant Movement Developmental Educator. She has been teaching since 1991, and has maintained a private practice since 1995. She teaches classes and workshops in Body-Mind Centering®, embodied reciprocal counseling, and creative process.

Naomi brings to her practice and teaching a unique ability to articulate subtle embodied principles. She has a passion for cultivating egalitarian relationships, nurturing the competency and authority inherent in each of her students and clients through their direct embodiment and personal exploration.

Propeller Dance

A Mixed-Ability Dance Workshop

Propeller Dance Stage Scene

Mixed Ability Dance Workshop: Our dance workshop is open to all people regardless of dance experience or experience with disability. We will spin, roll, lean and tilt, in an innovative atmosphere that values a wide range of movement expression. The workshop will also include a brief discussion on the field of integrated dance, including training opportunities nationally and internationally.

Propeller Dance is the only organization in Ontario with the sole mandate of specializing in integrated dance. Integrated dance is an emerging movement within the Canadian contemporary dance milieu where dancers with and without disabilities train, create and perform as equals. Propeller Dance work highlights the natural human body in all its diversity. Mobility aids (wheelchairs, walkers and scooter) within choreography offer creative possibilities and new ways of travelling, lifting and balancing are invented. Propeller Dance is off-balance, on-balance, in-line, out of line, challenging, powerful and emotive in its ability to move audiences of all ages. Disability is seen as an opportunity for creative possibility, not a limitation.

Propeller Dance is recognized nationally and internationally for its leadership furthering integrated dance and is committed to creating high-quality professional art. We have shown work at Studio 303, Montreal; Vertigo Theatre, Calgary; the National Arts Centre’s Fourth Stage, Ottawa; Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre, Ottawa and numerous other professional and community venues. Propeller Dance reaches 5000 people annually through professional performance, touring, school shows, dance training and outreach:

Family-Friendly Movement Dance/Jam

Bring your whole family!

On Sunday, May 13, we offer a family movement dance/jam. People with children are encouraged to bring them for this fun all ages event but they must remain with their children at all times and will be asked to sign a separate waiver.

Talent: Reserved and Un-Reserved Performances

We're having a talent show and possibly other performances. We're planning for most of the performances slots to be available for short (5 minute) spur-of-the-moment ideas right at the jam itself, but if you have a prepared piece you hope to fit in, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can try to accommodate. Contact:

2012 Open Planning Meetings

We're planning the next Ontario Regional Contact Jam May 11-13 2012. We invite all members of the Ontario contact community to join the planning group.

We want to plan our way forward in an open way with broad involvement from the Ontario CI community. So join us and help guide our common future.

We regularly accommodate out-of-town teleconferencers, so please let us ( know if you would like to call in. In addition to all the regular organizational tasks, we're looking to clarify our overall scope and goals and set a budget.

If you'd like to participate, but can't come to meetings, call one of us, and we'll get you hooked in with the group:

Alexis, Elizabeth, Ian, Charlie...

Call for Ontario Regional Contact Jam Volunteers!

Contact us!: 613-235-6216 (Ian! Allen)

Help with Billeting
Can you offer billeting space for our out-of-town dancers? Billets bring their own sleeping bags and pillows; the jam feeds them; all you need to provide is a bed, sofa, or perhaps a floor. If you might have space to offer out-of-town dancers, contact Elizabeth via the housing needed page.
Help with Food
We are looking for volunteers to help with the food for the Ontario Regional Contact Jam. Can you help make this happen in May 2012? Contact Eileen Scully (English / français) via
Help with Help
Contact Improv Tanya

We're organizing the 2012 Ontario Regional Contact Jam, May 11 - 13 2012, in Ottawa.

We invite all interested and committed contactors to join in the creation of another awesome contact dance experience.

We're looking for help with all kinds of sub-projects: flyer design, advertising and promotion, specialty workshops, food, billeting, set-up and clean-up, facilitation, talent show, music, budgeting, incorporation, and all kinds of stuff we haven't thought of and you have.

We'd like to invite members of the contact improv community throughout Ontario and neighbourhood to help us pull it all together. If you've got an idea of how you can contribute, please let us know. Contact one of us, and we'll get you hooked in with the group:

Thank-You to Sponsors and Donors!

These organizations assisted us to offer this dance weekend by providing us with free or discounted products:

Ottawa Dance Directive
The Ottawa Dance Directive (ODD)
Our Venue hosts.
Arts Court at 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa, ON
The Table Restaurant
The Table Vegetarian Restaurant
Thank-you to Simon for providing our Saturday supper meal! 1230 Wellington, Ottawa, ON - 613-729-5973
The Wheat Berry
The Wheat Berry / Le grain de blé
Rice cakes, teas, honey and hand sanitizer. Thank-you Christine!
206 Main, Ottawa, ON - 613-235-7580
Herb and Spice
Herb & Spice Shop / l'Pain d'Alain
Baked goods! Merci Jacques!
375 Bank, Ottawa, ON - 613-232-4087
SOL Épicerie Santé SOL Épicerie Santé
SOL Épicerie Santé
Merci Monique!
Monique Enright, SOL Épicerie Santé, 195 rue Principale, Gatineau - 819 684-0512
Bread and Roses Logo
Bread and Roses Bakery
Gluten-free muffins. Thank-you Melanie!
11 Beechwood, Ottawa - (613) 745-2087
Market Organics Logo
Market Organics
Saturday Lunch soup.
Nuts to You Logo
Nuts to You Nut Butters
Nut butters.
Contemporary Cuisine Logo
Contemporary Cuisine
The best Hummus ever made in the old jail on Nicholas.
Vega Bars Logo
Vega Bars
Energy bars.
Émile Péloquin Logo
Émile Péloquin
Fruits et Légumes.
Émile Péloquin 684-2635
Little Stream Logo
Little Stream Bakery
Gluten-free breads.
Bio-Sphère Logo
Les Produits Bio-Sphère
Veggie burgers, crackers, dessert puddings.
Les Produits Bio-Sphère
Rise Kombucha Logo
RISE Kombucha
Crudessence’s Kombucha has gone through a beautiful transformation! It has become RISE Kombucha and it’s always organic, fairtrade, raw, Québécois and of course, delicious!.
La boîte à grains Logo
La boîte à grains
Merci Pierre!
581, Boul. Saint-Joseph, Hull (819 771-3000)
325, Boul. Gréber, Gatineau (819 243-3002)
VIA Merge Logo
Coordinate Ride Sharing / Car Pooling After you register, enter your ride details in the free VIAmerge form to coordinate your transportation with other dancers.

Your Ottawa Hosts

Alexis Charlie Eileen Elizabeth Ian Camille