Ottawa Contact Improvisation Intro Classes - April 7,14,21,28 2012

Updated: 2012-03-06 08:33 EST

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Looking forward to Ottawa hosting the Ontario Regional Contact Jam but feeling a bit rusty? New to contact improv and hoping to learn some new skills and gain confidence? Come join Alexis Andrew for four fun and engaging contact improvisation dance classes.

These classes will focus on sharing weight, changing levels, lifts, falls and other basic techniques in a safe and enjoyable environment. We will look at how to find pathways into and out of duets in a jam setting and scores to enliven your dancing.

Saturdays April 7, 14, 21, 28
Cost: $40

No drop-ins!! Please register for all four classes by March 30. I need to know that there will be enough people to run the classes.

For more information:

Alexis is a dance artist and teacher, known for her funny and physical approach to performance. She is co-artistic director of collective (gulp) dance projects She has performed for Compagnie Nadine Ganase (Belgium), Rasa Alksnyte (Belgium/Lithuania), Sarah Manya (Belgium/Netherlands), Compagnie Irene K. (Belgium), David Hernandez (Belgium) and Terrill Maguire (Canada) among others. Her own work, both choreographed and improvised, has been shown in Canada, the US and Europe. She graduated from the School of Toronto Dance Theatre and went on to further studies in new dance and improvisation at the European Dance Development Centre in the Netherlands and has continued to study dance, contact improvisation and somatic techniques such as BodyMind Centering. Alexis brings her sense of humour, strong technical knowledge and human approach to teaching modern dance, contact improvisation and improvisational dance.

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