Welcome to the Ontario Regional Contact Improvisation Jam - Ottawa - May 11–13 2012

Updated: 2012-05-10 22:29 EDT


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2 Location - ODD Studios A/B - Arts Court - 2 Daly Avenue Index up to index

3 Ride Sharing / Car Pooling to/from Ottawa Index up to index

We are coordinating rides to and from Ottawa. After you register, enter your ride details in the free VIAmerge form to coordinate your transportation with other dancers.

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9 What is Happening - The Schedule Index up to index

Friday Schedule Highlights:
  • Arrive (doors open) at 2 Daly Avenue after 6pm on Friday May 11, 2012.
  • Bring your Friends to learn Contact Improvisation on Friday evening!
  • Light snacks will be available.

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13 Volunteering Index up to index

The Jam has no paid organizers. We’re looking for more volunteers to help with the event. If you are interested, please let us know, and the sooner the better. Thanks in advance for your participation!

We will need people to help with setting up, cleaning up and closing up each night, registration, translation, welcoming and other assorted duties. Please let us know if you’re willing to help out and which dates/times (Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening, Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon) and what types of things you might do. Please contact OntJam2012@contactimprov.ca

14 Organizers / People Contact List Index up to index

These are the people who can answer your questions (English / français):

Alexis Charlie Eileen Elizabeth Ian Camille

Registration via PayPal, Cheque, Telephone, Postal; finances, bursaries
Charlie Halpern-Hamu - (English/Portuguese) - OntJam2012@contactimprov.ca +1–416–427–2177
Billets, housing, accommodation
Elizabeth MacKinnon - (English/français) - ORCJbillet@contactimprov.ca [no phone?]
Food and diet issues (we feed you!)
Eileen Scully, RN - (English/français) - ORCJfood@contactimprov.ca +1–613–858–8177
Camille Schmiedel- (français/English) - ORCJfood@contactimprov.ca
Health support, first aid, allergies
Eileen Scully, RN - (English/français) - eileen@contactimprov.ca +1–613–858–8177
Scheduling, Teachers, venue accessibility, flyers, posters, media
Alexis K. Andrew - (English/français) - OntJam2012@contactimprov.ca [no phone]
Welcome Wagon, Saturday performances, Webmaster
Ian! D. Allen - (English/français) - ian@contactimprov.ca +1–613–235–6216
Volunteer Coordinator
Neil McKinney - (English/français) - orcjvol@contactimprov.ca - [no phone]
Jam safety / peace council
Alexis Andrew, Charlie Halpern-Hamu, Ian Allen, Michael Haltrecht, Miro
OntJam2012@contactimprov.ca +1–613–235–6216 (Ian!)
Venue (temperature, keys, doors, lights, cleaning, security, etc.)
TBA - OntJam2012@contactimprov.ca - [no phone]

15 Thanks to our Sponsors Index up to index

See the Sponsors link in the left sidebar of the Jam Home Page.

16 See you Soon! Index up to index

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