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May 16-18 (Sat-Mon) Canada’s National Ballet School, 400 Jarvis St, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The 2015 Ontario Regional Contact Jam
Jam régional de danse contact improvisation de l'Ontario 2015

Inclusive Diversity

we're wheelchair accessible


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Join Us For a Weekend of Contact Improvisation

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Three days of contact improvisation classes and jams from Saturday May 16 through Victoria Day Monday, May 18. A contact jam is a time and place to improvise movement in contact with oneself, others, and the environment.

Featuring teaching by Tara Brandel, co-founder of Ireland's professional integrated dance company, Croi Glan, the theme is inclusive diversity where people of all physical abilities are welcome. Last year over 170 people of all shapes, colours and ages came from across Canada, the US and the world to move and dance. Fully wheelchair accessible.

Register early and we should have no problem finding you a local host.

In the week leading up to the jam, Wednesday-Friday May 13-15, a separate event, the second Contact Dance International Film Festival is taking place. If you can’t come for the full CDIFF, consider attending the Friday-night Gala screenings.

Find out how you can help with the jam.

Registration / Cost

For 3 days of jamming, including daily lunches and Sunday dinner:

If you register, your kids can come for free, and your parents too. For alternative financial arrangements, including easy payment plans and hardship discounts, contact us at

We strongly encourage you to register for the whole jam, as that results in a deeper community experience for us all. Please let us know if money is a barrier and we can make accommodations. If you schedule means the full weekend isn’t possible, daily rates for Sat/Sun/Mon are:

Register for Jam


We’ll make every effort to find you a local host. Register early and we’ll probably succeed. Last year, over 60 out-of-town guests were accommodated in local homes.

Event Details

What: A Contact Improvisation dance jam! The ORCJ jam will feature workshops and special sessions.

Who: Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran of theform, people of all abilities and all levels of dance experience are welcome. If you can get to Toronto from wherever you live, you're in the Ontario Region and we'll treat you like family! Bilingual English/français facilitation will be available (as volunteers permit).

How: Want to learn Contact Improvisation? During the jam, come to our Contact Improv Beginner class. Come with loose-fitting or yoga clothes and be prepared to dance in bare feet. For all languages - we'll do our best to provide translation as volunteers permit. To support those who are sensitive to smells and odours, avoid scents or perfumes on you and your clothing, please! Come as you are!

Where: Canada’s National Ballet School, 400 Jarvis St, Toronto. We have 3 wonderful, spacious dance studios.

Directions: Canada’s National Ballet School, 400 Jarvis is an 8-minute walk from Wellesley subway station (walk east to Jarvis St). The parking garage across the street from the venue is $5/day (bring change).

Food: Vegetarian lunches provided each day, as well as a communal dinner on Sunday. Saturday dinner we’ve left time for groups to go out to local restaurants / eat-in groceries / picnic in the park. We'd like to know who has food allergies that we should be aware of; we can't promise that we will accommodate all of them, but we will do our best. Contact us via (Food help needed! See below.)

Housing: We’ll do our best to help find a local home for those pre-registered out-of-town who are seeking accommodation. Register early to make it easier for us to find you a place to stay. If you live in Toronto, consider sharing your home with those from away. Host someone or a posse of someones in your home. See information below.

Ride Sharing: You may use

Weekend Schedule: The full schedule is here.--> Each day usually starts with a lead warm-up and jamming in the morning, more jamming and workshops in the afternoon, and dancing with live or DJ'd music at night. Beginners can have 1-on-1 intro sessions throughout the day.

Connecting Through Contact Improvisation Dance: A Class for Complete Beginners


To fully welcome people who are completely new or fairly new to contact improv, there will be a class right after opening circle to get you into the flow.

Saturday May 16 from 10:30 am to 12:00 noon (doors open at 10:00 am). Fully wheelchair accessible. If you require attendant care or have other accessibility needs, please contact Henry at or 647-771-6236. Beginner class on Facebook

Cost: $15 Registration Required: Beginner class on Eventzilla

The aim is to provide a fun and safe introduction so that you can then begin dancing at the Ontario Regional Contact Jam (and elsewhere). Come play with us!

Come to the intro with stretchy or yoga clothes (no zippers, buttons, or buckles) and be prepared to dance in bare feet. Please refrain from wearing perfumes or other scents, to support the health of those who are allergic.

For more information about how we welcome beginners, including extra registration options for beginners, contact us at

Call for Ontario Regional Contact Jam Volunteers!

Contact us!:

Help Organize:

We're organizing the 2015 Ontario Regional Contact Jam in May 2015, in Toronto. We invite all interested and committed contacters to join in the creation of another awesome contact dance experience. We're looking for help with all kinds of sub-projects:

We'd like to invite members of the contact improv community throughout Ontario and neighbourhood to help us pull it all together. If you've got an idea of how you can contribute, please let us know. Get in touch, and we'll get you hooked in with the group:

Share Your Home:

Can you offer housing space for our out-of-town dancers? Can your parents offer space, or your friends, or your neighbours? Guest jammers bring their own sleeping bags and pillows and their sense of fun; the Jam feeds them; and you contribute your friendly hospitality and a bed, sofa, or perhaps a floor. If you have space to house out-of-town dancers contact us at

Help with Food:

We are looking for volunteers to help with the food for the Ontario Regional Contact Jam. Can you help make this happen? Contact us at The work will be mostly prep work (slicing, dicing, food processor running...). Not hard and lots of excellent company!

2015 Open Planning Meetings

We invite all members of the Ontario contact community to join this year's planning group.

We want to plan our way forward in an open way with broad involvement from the Ontario CI community. So join us and help guide our common future.

We regularly accommodate out-of-town teleconferencers, so please let us ( know if you would like to call in. In addition to all the regular organizational tasks, we're imagining the future of the Ontario Regional Contact Jam and how we can better support contact improv in Ontario.

If you'd like to participate, but can't come to meetings, contact us, and we'll get you hooked in with the group:

Thanks, and connect with you soon.

Jam régional de danse contact improvisation de l'Ontario 2015, à Toronto

Trois jours de classes de contact improvisation et de jams du samedi 16 mai jusqu’au lundi de la Fête de la Reine. Un contact jam est un moment et un lieu pour improviser le mouvement au contact avec soi-même, avec les autres et avec l’environnement.

Figurant les enseignements de Tara Brandel, co-fondatrice de la compagnie des professionnels de danse intégrée de l’Irlande, Croi Glan, le thème est la diversité inclusive où les personnes avec diverses aptitudes physiques sont les bienvenues. L’année dernière, plus de 170 personnes de toutes silhouettes, toutes couleurs et de tout âge sont venues du Canada, des Etats Unies et de l’international pour bouger et danser. Accès disponible aux personnes à mobilité réduite.

Inscrivez-vous à pour 3 jours de jamming, déjeuners inclus et souper le dimanche. 90$ jusqu’à le fin de mars; 105$ en avril; 120$ en mai.

Durant la semaine précédent le jam, du 13 au 15 mai, mercredi-vendredi, un autre évènement aura lieu: la deuxième année du Festival international de cinéma danse contact improvisation. Si vous ne pouvez pas venir pour la totalité du Festival, envisagez de venir assister aux projections de Gala le vendredi soir.

Reunión Regional de Contact Improvisación de Ontario 2015, en Toronto

Venga a visitar a Canadá. Tres días de improvisaciones y clases: del sábado 16 al lunes 18 de mayo. Un momento y un lugar para improvisar el movimiento en contacto con uno mismo, los demás y el medio ambiente.

Con la enseñanza de Tara Brandel, co­fundador de una compañía de danza profesional integrada en Irlanda, Croi Glan, el tema de este año es la diversidad incluyente, donde las personas con todo tipo de habilidades físicas son bienvenidas. El año pasado, más de 170 personas de todas las edades, formas y colores vinieron de todas partes de Canadá, los EE.UU. y alrededor del mundo, a moverse y a bailar. El sitio es totalmente accesible para las personas que tienen su movilidad reducida.

Usted puede inscribirse en para los 3 días de improvisación, con el almuerzo todos los días y la cena del domingo incluidos: $90 (dólares canadienses) si se inscribe hasta finales de marzo; $105 en abril; $120 en mayo. Si se inscribe temprano, es probable que consiga hospedaje gratis.

En los días antes de la reunión, entre el miércoles 13 y el viernes 15 de mayo, tendrá lugar otro evento aparte, el segundo Festival Internacional de Cine de Danza de Contacto. A la gente que no puede asistir al festival completo, se le invita a disfrutar las presentaciones de gala en la noche del viernes 15.

Encontro Regional de Contato Improvisação de Ontário 2015, em Toronto

Vem visitar Canadá. Três dias de jams e aulas: sábado à segunda-feira, o 16 ao 18 de maio. Um tempo e um lugar para improvisar o movimento em contato consigo mesmo, aos outros, e ao meio ambiente.

Com o ensino de Tara Brandel, co-fundador de uma companhia de dança profissional integrada da Irlanda, Croi Glan, o tema este ano é a diversidade inclusiva, onde as pessoas com todas as habilidades físicas são bem-vindas. No ano passado, mais de 170 pessoas de todas as idades, tamanhos e cores vieram de todas as partes do Canadá, dos EUA, e do mundo enteiro, para mover-se e dançar. O local é totalmente acessível para as pessoas com mobilidade reduzida.

Pode-se registrar à para 3 dias de dança - incluindo almoço cada dia e jantar no domingo. $ 90 até o final de março; $ 105 em abril; $ 120 em maio. Se inscrever-se cedo, não devemos ter qualquer problema em encontrar-lhe um hospede local, de graça.

Durante a semana antes do encontro, entre quarta-feira e sexta-feira, 13-15 maio, acontecerá um outro evento, o segundo Festival de Cinema Internacional de Dança Contato. Se você não pode vir para o Festival completo, haverá uma Gala na sexta-feira à noite.

Incontro Regionale di Contact Improvisation Ontario 2015, a Toronto

Venite a visitare Canada. Tre giorni di jam e classi: da Sabato 16 a Lunedi 18 maggio. Un tempo e un luogo per improvvisare movimento in contatto con se stessi, gli altri e l'ambiente.

Con le classi di Tara Brandel, co-fondatore di una compagnia di danza professionale integrata in Irlanda, Croi Glan, il tema è la diversità inclusiva in cui le persone di tutte le abilità fisiche sono i benvenuti. L'anno scorso, più di 170 persone di tutte le forme, di tutti i colori e di tutte le età provenienti da Canada, Stati Uniti ea livello internazionale per muoversi e ballare. Il sito è completamente accessibile alle persone con mobilità ridotta.

Iscrizione presso: per 3 giorni di ballo - tra cui il pranzo ogni giorno e la cena di Domenica. 90 dollari entro la fine del mese di marzo; 105 dollari nel mese di aprile; 120 dollari in maggio. Se ti iscrivi presto, non dovremmo avere alcun problema a trovare alloggio gratuito con persone locali.

Durante la settimana prima dell'incontro, tra Mercoledì 13 e Venerdì 15 maggio, ci sarà un altro evento, il secondo Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Danza Contact. Se non potete partecipare l'intero festival, vi invitiamo al Gala di chiusura, con proiezioni, cerimonia di premiazione e una festa.