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CI Dancers at the Ottawa jam: Ian, AnneMarie, Marcia

Contact Improvisation Dance

Canadian Flag Ottawa/Gatineau/Hull

Be "Interested", not "Interesting", and Embrace the Awkwardness!

Ian! and Karen – photo by Moti

Ottawa/Gatineau/Hull Events Summary

What is Contact Improvisation Dance?

Contact improvisation is a dance form that explores the physics of two (or more) bodies in motion. With an emphasis on gravity, flow, and spontaneity, you get to stand, breathe, fly, jump, roll, and tumble with other bodies.

In 2018 we have these recurring events in Ottawa/Gatineau (scroll down or follow the links for details):

Ian! and Eva – photo by John Barrett

Details are below.

The Ontario Regional Contact Improv Jam will be in Toronto all weekend March 30 to April 1, 2018. Follow the link for details. See Ian! about car pooling from Ottawa to Toronto.

CI Dancers at the Ottawa jam: Ken, Kia, Isabelle, Barbara, AnneMarie, Ian, Marcia

2018 – Ottawa Saturday Contact Improv Dance Jams and Classes

What is Contact Improvisation Dance?

Contact Dancers Image - Alexis and Ken

A contact improvisation dance jam is an open play session for all levels of movers, from the total beginners to the high flyers.

Our Ottawa jams usually begin with an introduction to some of the basics of contact-improvisation, followed by an open dance jam. Classes adjust to the skill level of those present. All welcome! Come dressed to move.

Contact Improv Dance Jams with live music!
Some of our dates below are special dance jams with live music. There is a guided warm-up but no class instruction on these weeks. Multi-instrumentalist Kim Gravelle is our resident live musician for these contact improv dance jam events.

Kim Gravelle playing her Sympathy bass flute

Kim Gravelle is a Canadian musician who is the creator of her own instrument, the Sympathy. This is a bass flute with sympathetic strings which create a natural subtle echo effect. The strings can also be played directly. The result is a highly unique instrument. There is no other like it in the world. See Dappled Sunlight Music).

Cost: Admission for the jams with music is "pay what you can", suggested $10/hour, which means $20 covers our room and musician costs for a two-hour jam but you can pay a bit less if you need to, and nobody is turned away for lack of funds.

Kim Gravelle with her Sympathy bass flute
***  O T T A W A   C O N T A C T   I M P R O V   D A N C E   D A T E S   2 0 1 8 ***

Contact Improv Dance jams are at Arts Court almost every Saturday.
Most start times are 11:15, with some longer three-hour
jam events starting an hour early at 10:15am (see below).
Some dance jams have live music; we have a warm up but no class that day.
Most dance jams are adult-only dance spaces, but we do have occasional
"Family Jam" dance dates.
All Saturday events below end at 1:15pm (13h15).

    11:15am Sat January   13 2018  with Anne-Marie
    11:15am Sat January   20 2018  with Frithjof
    11:15am Sat January   27 2018  with Elizabeth
    11:15am Sat February   3 2018  with Ken
    11:15am Sat February  10 2018  with Frithjof
    11:15am Sat February  17 2018  with Elizabeth
3hr 10:15am Sat February  24 2018  with Amy and music
       * NO jam March 3 *
    11:15am Sat March     10 2018  with Alejandro
       * NO jam March 17 *
    11:15am Sat March     24 2018  with Anne-Marie, blindfolds (eyes closed), and music
    11:15am Sat March     31 2018  with Ken       (also ORCJ Weekend in Toronto)
    11:15am Sat April      7 2018  with Elizabeth
    11:15am Sat April     14 2018  with Alejandro
3hr 10:15am Sat April     21 2018  with Anne-Marie with music
    11:15am Sat April     28 2018  with Frithjof
    11:15am Sat May        5 2018  with Ken
    11:15am Sat May       12 2018  with Noris
3hr 10:15am Sat May       19 2018  with Alejandro with music
       * NO jam May 26 *
3hr 10:15am Sat June       2 2018  three hours, with Amy and with live music
1hr 11:15am Sat June       9 2018  1 hour CI class in all-day ODD Dance Marathon fundraising *
    11:15am Sat June      16 2018  with Elizabeth/Frithjof - LAST JAM OF THE SEASON
       * NO jam June 23 *
       * NO jam June 30 *
    .... NO jams during July and August Summer break ....

* On June 9 the usual class/jam is replaced with a one-hour CI class as part of
  the ODD/CDC all-day Dance Marathon fundraising event.

Ottawa Contact Improvisation dance events take place almost every Saturday in air-conditioned comfort, usually Saturdays 11h15-13h15 at Arts Court second-floor ODD Studio "B" at 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa. See the table above for the exact dates and times and facilitators. Arts Court Studio "B" is fully accessible by wheelchair, and there is an accessible washroom on the first floor of the building.

Kim Gravelle playing her Sympathy bass flute

Skill level: All skill levels welcome, especially new and old beginners!

Weekly Class/Jam Fee: free or by donation the first time for newcomers; $4-$5 per hour for jams (or by donation) for pay-as-you-dance drop-in; "nobody turned away for lack of funds" – talk to us
Jam With Live Music Fee: suggested $10/hour to pay for the room and the musician; you can pay less if you really need to. Nobody turned away!

Time: Start time 10h15 or 11h15 until 13h15 most Saturdays (check dates and times above)
A facilitated warm up and introduction to contact improv dance usually starts the jam.
Location: Arts Court, Ottawa Dance Directive (ODD) Studio "B", Second Floor, - 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa. Arts Court Studio "B" is fully accessible by wheelchair, and there is an accessible washroom on the first floor of the building.

Our jam is run by volunteers and is a non-profit event. You can get involved. If you would like to lead a warm up, please contact us with the dates that you have in mind. If you would like to be a participant in the organization of the jam, contact us for details about the Ottawa Contact Improv consensus group. For more information, drop in to any jam or send us email: Ian! Allen idallen@idallen.ca

2018 – Ottawa/Gatineau Creative Dance Events

Ian! and Karen – photo by Moti

For many other Ottawa Creative Dance/Movement/Somatic events, see the Ottawa/Gatineau Creative Dance and Movement Facebook Group. And don't forget our own Ottawa/Gatineau Contact Improvisation Dance Facebook Page.

Carpools to Big Heart Dance Camp, Earthdance, and DNE Dance Camp

Contact Ian! Allen idallen@idallen.ca about car pooling from Ottawa to dance events such as

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