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Let’s Dance !

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Ian! D. Allen

Dance News for  Ian! D. Allen  idallen@idallen.caIndexup to index

A few words before we beginIndexup to index

Hello, Ottawa/Gatineau area dancers and movers.

Quotations and poetry about danceIndexup to index

Excerpt from Burnt Norton from Four Quartets by TS Elliott:

At the still point of the turning world.
Neither flesh or fleshless;
Neither from nor towards;
at the still point, there the dance is,
But neither arrest nor movement.
And do not call it fixity,
Where past and future are gathered.
Neither movement from nor towards,
Neither ascent nor decline.
Except for the point, the still point,
There would be no dance,
and there is only the dance.
I can only say, there we have been: but I cannot say where.
And I cannot say, how long, for that is to place it in time.

About touch:

Dancers who pursue graceful movement must practice being aware of their bodies and being aware of wordless communication. These skills are particularly important today, when we spend so much time sitting and in virtual realities. Our way of life has taken us further from our own physical experiences and the understanding of the wordless emotional messages of others. For example, contact improvisation makes the dancers listen attentively to the body of their partner. Touch is known to reduce pain, fear and anxiety. – Hanna Poikonen

CI Dancers at the Ottawa CI dance jam: Ken, Kia, Isabelle, Barbara, Anne-Marie, Ian, Marcia

Near Ottawa/Gatineau/Wakefield/Lanark/CarletonPlaceIndexup to index

Events in or originating from the local Ottawa/Gatineau/Wakefield/Lanark/CarletonPlace Region

Events that recur weekly or monthly show only the nearest upcoming event or two. Follow the link for future events.

Saturdays at 11:15am – Community Contact Improvisation Dance JamIndexup to index

Free CI Basics class open to everyone on Saturday October 7 at 11:15am

The accessible, community-run Ottawa/Gatineau Contact Improvisation Dance classes and jams run a free all-welcome CI Basics class at 11:15am on October 7. Follow this link for details on time, location, and what to wear: Contact Improv Dance Basics.

CI dancers who have already taken a CI Basics class in Ottawa are welcome to attend any of our weekly CI jams.

The ODD studio is fully accessible, with a large accessible washroom on the same floor as the dance space.

Sundays at 10:15am – Dance to Nature (outdoors) with AlanaIndexup to index

See the Dance to Nature group on the facebook or contact Alana O’Donnell for current information. Some Sundays have no facilitated dances.

The grassy dance area is not very friendly to wheelchairs, though there are paved paths adjacent. Accessible city washrooms are available in the main building at Mooney’s Bay.

Some Sundays at 6pm – Contact Improvisation Class and Jam with KristenIndexup to index

See the link to Kristen Lewis Events

Some Mondays at 6pm – Contact Improvisation Class and Jam with LaurindaIndexup to index

See the link to Laurinda Cheng Events

Lundis à 19h00 – Biodanza avec Anne Marie RielIndexup to index

Alternate Thursday evenings – Ecstatic Dance at Rosemount HallIndexup to index

These evening Ecstatic Dances take place on the first and third Thursdays each month at the Rosemount Orange Hall at 41 Rosemount Avenue in Ottawa. Different people run these events, each with their own facebook sites, so you have to look in multiple places to find out the details, and the start times aren’t always the same; sometimes they start at 7pm and sometimes they start at 7:30pm. The events are only visible on the facebook; there is no public web page. Try looking in all these places for the upcoming events:

This space is not accessible; there are many steps up to the dance floor and the washroom is too small for a wheelchair.

Jeudis à 19h00 – Biodanza avec Isabelle BurnierIndexup to index

First Fridays at 7pm – Dances of Universal PeaceIndexup to index

First dance of the season: October 6 at 7pm

We gather again to dance the Dances of Universal Peace. It is time now. We will dance at the First United Church in Westboro neighborhood of Ottawa. You are invited to dance for peace - bring a friend! The Dances of Universal Peace are a 40 year old tradition of dancing to simple chants from a variety of the world’s religions in a simple and peaceful moving meditation. Newcomers are happily welcomed. No previous experience or dance partner needed. All dances and movements are learned on the spot. A donation will be requested (Suggested $10.) No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Our leaders and musicians team includes Marlene Neufeld, Bob Neufeld, Pat Kerr and Yves St-Pierre.

This location is wheelchair accessible with an accessible washroom.

October 13 and November 24 at 7:30pm – Biodanza with Isabelle and RémiIndexup to index

September 22: Ecstatic dance with Owen TufIndexup to index

Ecstatic Dance is this Friday (September 23) and we’re squeezing in one more outdoor dance before moving inside for the season.

We are meeting a little earlier this month to have some daylight. We won’t meet if it’s very stormy, but will dance in mixed weather - be brave and dress for it. Dancing in weather can be beautiful.

Venue: outdoors at 225 ch Shouldice, Wakefield QC
Time: Friday September 22 6pm to 8pm
Contact Owen to find out about last-minute changes or cancellations.
All levels of experience and ability welcome.
Suggested donation $10 (to cover rental costs that aren’t always met in the winter months)
Contact Owen about wheelchair and washroom accessibility.

Rather than dance as entertainment, we dance in celebration, play, exploration, expansive awareness, transformation, building community and expressive freedom. As a form of meditation-in-motion, the music starts slow, builds energy, then ends in a meditative space. We gather as part of the worldwide community of Ecstatic Dance.

The general guidelines are about creating a safe and sacred space to move however you wish, honouring your body and allowing respectful connection with others in your dancing. We move in bare feet (or socks of course), everybody is welcome (children accompanied by an adult), and know that it’s a drug/alcohol free and scent free zone (no perfume please). You can come to the whole event- starting with an opening circle and centering, or just drop in for a visit during the evening. We ask movers to refrain from talking on the dance floor to allow one another to deepen into the experience of expression through movement, but if you would like to chit-chat, there is comfortable space in the lobby for hanging out!

Next dance: contact Owen for details.
Contact Owen to find out about last-minute changes or cancellations.

Danse Extatique Wakefield fait partie de la communauté mondiale de Danse Extatique. Plutôt que de danser pour nous divertir, nous dansons pour célébrer, jouer, explorer, prendre conscience, transformer, construire une communauté et exprimer notre liberté. En tant que forme de méditation en mouvement, la musique commence doucement, monte en énergie puis se termine en créant un espace méditatif.

Les directives générales consistent à créer un espace sécuritaire et sacré pour bouger comme vous le souhaitez, en honorant votre corps et en permettant une connexion respectueuse avec les autres à travers la danse. Nous bougeons pieds nus (ou en chaussettes, bien sûr), tout le monde est le bienvenu (incluant les enfants accompagnés d’un adulte), et c’est une zone sans drogue/alcool et sans parfum. Vous pouvez assister à l’ensemble de l’événement, en commençant par un cercle d’ouverture et un centrage, ou simplement passer nous voir pendant la soirée. Nous demandons aux participants de s’abstenir de parler sur la piste de danse afin de permettre aux autres d’approfondir leur expérience, mais si vous souhaitez bavarder, il y a un espace confortable dans l’entrée pour le faire.

Tous niveaux d’expérience bienvenues.
Don suggéré de $10.
Pour plus d’informations contactez

Outside Ottawa/Gatineau/Wakefield/Lanark/CarletonPlaceIndexup to index

Events outside the local Ottawa/Gatineau/Wakefield/Lanark/CarletonPlace Region

Contact Ian Allen about car pooling from Ottawa to some of the above dance events.

Toronto: October 6–8 – RDD Autumn CI Dance Jam WeekendIndexup to index

(This weekend event is privately run by RDD; it is not associated with the annual community-run Ontario Regional Contact Jam weekend that takes place in the same building in the spring.)

We welcome dancers from Toronto and the surrounding areas to join us from Oct 6 to 8, 2023 at the National Ballet School to celebrate and practise Contact Improvisation.

This venue is fully accessible with accessible washrooms.

Montréal: October 20–22 – The Montréal International CI Dance JamIndexup to index

Montréal Jam We are very happy to announce the return of: Montreal’s annual jam which will take place at Circuit-Est in October 21-22, 2023 with an opening jam on Friday evening, October 20.

We will have the chance during the annual jam to have two warm-ups guided by Chris Aiken et Angie Hauser.

Book your dates because the jam will be preceded by an INTENSIVE COURSE with Chris, Angie, Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood and Stephanie Gaudreau every evening from Tuesday, October 17th to Thursday, October 19th as well as Friday, October 20th, all day.

This location is partially wheelchair accessible.

Contact Ian Allen about car pooling from Ottawa to this event.

Massachusetts USA: October 19–24 – Earthdance Fall CI Dance JamIndexup to index

Earthdance Yes, Earthdance booked the same weekend for this annual event as the Montréal Annual Jam. We are sad. :-(

Earthdance annual Falling Leaves Contact Improvisation Dance Jam

This location is partially wheelchair accessible.

Massachusetts USA: November 23–26 – Earthdance Gratitude CI Dance JamIndexup to index

Earthdance Earthdance Gratitude CI Dance Jam

This location is partially wheelchair accessible.

Massachusetts USA: December 27 – January 2 2024 – Earthdance Winter CI Dance JamIndexup to index

Earthdance Earthdance Winter Contact Improv Jam

This location is partially wheelchair accessible.

Contact Ian Allen about car pooling from Ottawa to this event.

Recurring Online Dance/Movement EventsIndexup to index

Online Rise & Shine ShakeIndexup to index

Shake! Mornings, afternoons, and evenings

Saturdays 12:45pm – Online CI-Inspired Weekly Score & Jam: Beyond SaudadeIndexup to index

Beyond Saudade

Mondays 9:30pm – Online DJ Sillydelic Dance FamilyIndexup to index

DJ Sillydelic Monday Dance

Wednesdays 8pm – bioLUMINosity Online DanceIndexup to index

bioLUMINosity Edge of Trance dance

bioLUMINosity: I create a soundtrack to bring you out of your head and into your body, heart, spirit… You ride it wherever it takes you personally. This is about Your LIFE-LIGHT!

bioLUMINosity is:

Canadian BiodanzaIndexup to index

Not all Biodanza dances are listed here. Search in your local city.

Online Dance ClassesIndexup to index

Recurring Events Outside Ottawa/Gatineau/Wakefield/Lanark/CarletonPlaceIndexup to index

Recurring Events outside the local Ottawa/Gatineau/Wakefield/Lanark/CarletonPlace Region

Some of these events changed during the pandemic. If the listing below seems out-of-date, please contact the organizers.

Picton ON: Barefoot Groove Tonic Free Form DanceIndexup to index

Groove Tonic PEC hosts a weekly barefoot, free-form movement and dance event in Picton (Prince Edward County).

For wheelchair and washroom accessibility information, contact the organizer.

Peterborough ON: Contact Improvisation and other DanceIndexup to index

Dear contact dancers (or those who want to do contact improvisation!),
Opal and Suzanne are hosting a contact dance jam space at Studio 505 at 505 Sherbrooke Street on the 4th Sunday of the month between 4-5pm (dates are below - note changes in Oct & Dec to avoid the Toronto fall jam) & Xmas.
We will start with just an hour and a silent jam and we can consider expansion, depending on interest.
$10/jam or $35 for 5 jams or $60 for all 9 jams - if paid in advance. Please bring cash.
Please share this with anyone who would be interested.
We look forward to dancing with you!
Suzanne and Opal

Mark your calendars!:
Sep 24 2023
Oct 29 2023 (5th weekend - Toronto fall jam over the 4th weekend - Thanksgiving -just 80 spots - register soon)
Nov 26 2023
Dec 17 2023 (2nd weekend to avoid Xmas)
Jan 28 2024
Feb 25 2024
Mar 24 2024
Apr 28 2024
May 26 2024

This location is wheelchair accessible with an accessible washroom.

For other Peterborough dance events, e.g. Ecstatic Dance, see Dance Your Bones

Montréal QC: Weekly 5Rhythms Classes with Erik IversenIndexup to index

Freeing the Creative Spirit Teaching people to experience the pulsating sensual energy inside them and awakening their connection to flowing breath, rooted feet and a centered alive pelvis – reach up, root down, live in the heart center. Visit or or contact Erik Iversen for more information. (For wheelchair and washroom accessibility information, contact Erik.)

Montréal QC: 5Rhythms Classes with Lynne AdamsIndexup to index

Dance a weekly Thursday night 5Rhythms class with Lynne Adams in Montréal. (For wheelchair and washroom accessibility information, contact Lynne.)

Montréal QC: Ecstatic DancesIndexup to index

Soirée danse Extatique

Québec QC: Contact Improvisation, Communauté de QuébecIndexup to index

Contact Improvisation de la ville de Québec

Bienvenue à  tous. Les jams de Contact improvisation seront annoncés dans le groupe par le biais d’évènements. Consultez la publication épinglée pour plus d’information.

Sherbrooke QC: Biodanza with Yves LégerIndexup to index

Classes are facilitated in French (with possible English translation on request): Biodanza Sherbrooke: français and Sherbrook Biodanza: English (The English pages may not be updated; use the French pages!)


EMail Subscription ManagementIndexup to index

Contact Improv Dance Jam at Earthdance – Ian! and Eva, photo by John Barrett
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