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CI Dancers at the Ottawa CI dance jam: Ken, Kia, Isabelle, Barbara, AnneMarie, Ian, Marcia

CI Dancers at the Ottawa CI dance jam: Ken, Kia, Isabelle, Barbara, AnneMarie, Ian, Marcia

Dance News for  Ian! D. Allen  idallen@idallen.ca

Click on your favourite events in the Table of Contents above or use the web version. (Outlook/Evolution email users – sorry, clicking above doesn’t work; use the web version.) See also the Creative Dance and Movement Ottawa/Gatineau group on facebook. See also the Contact Improvisation Dance Ottawa/Gatineau group on facebook.

—– Events near Ottawa/Gatineau/Wakefield ——————–

Events in the local Ottawa/Gatineau/Wakefield Region

Events that recur weekly or monthly show only the nearest upcoming event or two. Follow the link for future events.

Friday September 22 at 6:30pm – Sacred Dance with Marylee Hardenbergh

Space Harmony: Portal to the Sacred – A Sacred Dance Experience. Come as you are with your heart and open mind! Come to any part or all of this weekend experience of dance as a Portal to the Sacred! (For wheelchair and washroom accessibility information, contact the organizers.)

On Saturday morning, Marylee will teach concepts from Laban’s Space Harmony theories. The Saturday afternoon session will take the group through various exercises designed to create a deep sense of community. On Saturday evening we will come together with others from the community (open to all – donations only) for an evening celebrating Sacred Arts – a Labyrinth walk, a Moving Mandala Meditation, video, visual arts, music… a celebration for the mind, body and spirit. On Sunday morning participants are invited to offer a Taize movement piece. On Sunday afternoon – those participating in the Saturday afternoon session will gather to offer the site-specific “Movement Choir”.

Come dance with us! No dance experience necessary. For more information, please contact Wendy Morrell 613-726-1375.

Saturday September 23 at 9:30am – Authentic Movement

Authentic Movement Authentic Movement The Ottawa Authentic Movement group meets most Saturday mornings each month at Arts Court in Ottawa. (This location is wheelchair accessible.)

Experience with Authentic Movement is required to attend these events. Contact Wendy before you attend.

If you are new to Authentic Movement, please contact Wendy Philpott to arrange a short briefing session before you arrive in the studio.

Venue: ODD Studio “B”, Second Floor, Arts Court, 2 Daly Avenue

Click on the link above or contact Wendy Philpott for more information.

Experience with Authentic Movement is required to attend these events. Contact Wendy before you attend.

ODD/CDC Ottawa Dance Directive

Saturday September 23 at 11:15am – Contact Improv Dance Class and Jam

Come to a weekly two-hour open drop-in Contact Improv Dance Class and Jam hosted by Ottawa/Gatineau Contact Improv.

Contact Improvisation Dance In Ottawa A facilitated warm up and introduction to contact improv dance usually starts the jam. All adults welcome. No prior experience required. Dress to move! Venue: ODD Studio “B”, Second Floor, at Arts Court, 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa (This location is wheelchair accessible.) Cost: Admission for our dance jams is “pay what you can”, suggested $5/hour, which covers our room costs but you can pay a bit less if you need to, and nobody is turned away for lack of funds. Contact: Click on the link above or contact Ian! Allen for more information.

ODD/CDC Ottawa Dance Directive

CI Dancers at the Ottawa CI dance jam: Ken, Kia, AnneMarie, Isabelle, Barbara, Ian, Marcia

CI Dancers at the Ottawa CI dance jam: Ken, Kia, AnneMarie, Isabelle, Barbara, Ian, Marcia

Saturday September 23 at 8pm – Autumn Equinox Dance with Anne Pitman

Dance the Autumn Equinox as part of Seasonal Dances with Anne Pitman at the Dovercourt Recreation Centre 411 Dovercourt Ave. Open dance and circle dances. Lovely community spirit. All adults welcome. $10 (This location is wheelchair accessible.)

Dance your way to autumn; harvest, reap and put summer to bed. Seasonal music, free dance, circle dance and warm community. All adults welcome. $10

Autumn Equinox Dance Celebrate with free dance, circle dance and lovely community.

Dance your aliveness, your life and the turning of the wheel. Dance your rhythm and the rhythm of the season. No dance experience is necessary. Come and dance your experience!

Dance the Seasons of the Year – Take time out of your busy life to honour the turning of the wheel. All of nature; earth, air, water and fire – everything that surrounds you, is also in you. Connect with these natural elements and find their qualities of groundedness, inspiration, flow and passion in you and in your life. Dance in the season with open arms.

Click on the links above or contact Anne Pitman for more information.

Anne hosts four Seasonal Dances each year. Check her web link, above.

The Winter Solstice Dance happens Saturday December 16, same time and place.

Sunday September 24 at 10:15am – Dance to Nature (Outdoors) with Alana

Step outside for Dance to Nature outdoor dances among the trees at Mooneys Bay. Express, create and surrender the dance from within! Let go of all inhibitions and come Dance to Nature! (For wheelchair and washroom accessibility information, contact Alana.)

  1. Step 1: say YES and send an email to Alana.
  2. Step 2: download the mp3 file that will be sent to you on Saturday, the day before the dance, to a music player (mp3, iPod or cellular).
  3. Step 3: meet us at 10:15 am on Sunday
  4. Step 4: 1–2–3, press play and DANCE!!!

No rules, steps or choreography, only your own unique dance creation.

Exprimez, créez et libérez votre danse de l’intérieur!

Click on the link above or contact Alana O’Donnell for more information.

Sunday September 24 at 6:30pm – Ottawa Sacred Dance Guild

Please verify this time and venue with the organizers.

We’re Dancing!! A free happening 6:30 to 8:00, at Bells Corners United Church at 3955 Old Richmond Road. All are welcome; Join us! Contact Wendy at 613-726-1375. Ottawa Sacred Dance Guild Dances are open to all; no registration required; last Sunday of every month; donations welcome. (For wheelchair and washroom accessibility information, contact the organizers.)

Monday September 25 at 6:30pm – Movement Improvisation Class with Lola Ryan

Explore the power and creativity of group improvised dance in a weekly drop-in class in Group Dance and Movement Improvisation on Monday evening in New Edinburgh. All adults welcome (drop-in); no registration or experience required. Led by Lola Ryan.

Group Movement Improvisation Movement Improvisation is exploration – you can explore what you like to do in dance and in movement. It frees you to be as daring and creative as you wish. This is not a contact improv dance class, though safe touch and elements of contact improv are usually incorporated as we improvise to music.

Lola opens each class with a specific warm-up and then focuses on a movement technique or a way to open up your movement vocabulary. It could be an exercise on vision or balance, a unique way to create shape or pattern, or the best way to connect with a partner or partners. The class always concludes with an open dance space where you are free to create your own movement experience, in solo, in duets or as an ensemble. Music courtesy of Lola!

We invite you to come and have great fun on your way to learning new skills and enhancing your dancing! Experience? Optional!

Weekly classes run every Monday evening 6:30pm to 9:15pm (2.5 hours) in Room #8 at the School of Dance, 200 Crichton St. in New Edinburgh. (This location is not wheelchair accessible.)

Click on the link above or contact Lola Ryan 613-237-0790 for more information.

Monday September 25 at 19h00 – Biodanza with Anne Marie

The practice of Biodanza for adults is facilitated weekly in the region in both English and French. See below for the dates and locations. Biodanza is a non-verbal practice for the participants. You do not need to speak any language to participate; you only need to listen.

Biodanza Biodanza, meaning to dance with life, is a fusion of music, natural movement and emotion. It is a method of human development aimed at uncovering the passion, beauty, and love for ourselves, others and the world that was always there. Reconnect with the pleasure of movement and celebrate life!


  • increases our health and consciousness
  • improves our physical and emotional well-being
  • enriches the quality of our relationships
  • integrates thinking, feeling and acting
  • develops our potential for living full, radiant lives

Weekly Mondays at 19h00 – Bilingual Biodanza with Anne Marie

Attend weekly bilingual drop-in Biodanza evening sessions in English and French led by Anne Marie Riel (613.316.8118) at 19h00–21h30 Mondays at Centre Jules Desbiens, 109 Wright St., Gatineau (just north of the Chaudiere bridge). (This location is not wheelchair accessible.) Monday sessions run weekly until Christmas.

Thursday September 28 at 7pm – Ecstatic Dance with DJs Sarah and Kaia

This dance is the rescheduled September 21 dance.

Dance Equinox Eve with your Ottawa/Gatineau Ecstatic Dance community. Dances take place twice monthly as part of Ecstatic Dance Ottawa at 41 Rosemount (north of Gladstone east of Parkdale) in Ottawa’s Hintonburg. (This location is not wheelchair accessible.)

Come celebrate all that you are, On this most auspicious night : The eve of the autumnal equinox. With the energies of balance and equality we gather the ecstatic tribe. All welcome! As you are, to step into this safe space container, co-created for movement, dance, and self exploration through this universal language of rhythm. A musical journey will be chosen to enhance this free form dance experience. No previous experience needed, Just an openness to listen to your heart, and allow yourself to let go into movement. Your own unique story, held in your bones, here is the space to allow it to unfold. With the equinox energies of balance and equality, Let’s explore our own edge, and express it on the open floor.

Ecstatic dances are a safe space container created for self expression, investigation, & exploration. Come explore the magnificent territory between your head and your feet, your breath, and your overall physical, emotional and mental body through movement. As an investigator of your psyche and heart, you will learn to search for the hidden jewel as you come into a space of discovery. Beginning and ending in circle. There is no particular yoga or dance experience necessary. Come and share your energy with other electrifying souls. Dance your joy, dance your pain; just dance and have some fun! Celebrate where you are, where you’ve been, and where you are going.

Click on the link above or contact DJ Yogini Kaia Nightingale or DJ Stardust Saira Monica for more information.

Note the new weekday (Thursday) and new time (7pm). Use the link above to consult the web site for future dances.

Next Ecstatic Dances (after this one): October 5, 19

Thursday September 28 at 19h00 – Biodanza with Donna Lévesque

Biodanza Fall classes: Come discover Biodanza; you don’t need to know how to dance! Through dance, play, and the joy of being authentic, Biodanza reduces stress and awakens a zest for life. All adults welcome!

Friday October 6? at 7pm? – Ecstatic Dance in Wakefield QC

Check with Owen about the actual date, time, and location in October.

Dance The Move Ecstatic Dance in Wakefield/LaPeche/Rupert Québec.

The Move is part of the worldwide community of Ecstatic Dance, a gathering of people who like to dance free-form. There are no set steps, no right or wrong movements – just an invitation to follow what your own creative dancing body wants to do. Rather than dance as entertainment, we dance in celebration, play, exploration, expansive awareness, transformation, building community and expressive freedom. As a form of joyful meditation in motion the music starts slow, builds energy, then ends in a meditative space. The general guidelines are about creating a safe and sacred space to move however you wish, honouring your body and allowing respectful connection with others in their dance. We move in bare feet, or socks and shoes for the summer outdoor dances, or soft indoor shoes, if needed. Everybody is welcome, with children accompanied by an adult. Please, no talking on the dance floor. Dances are a drug/alchohol and scent free zone (no perfumes or oils or scents please).

The Move in La Peche region normally meets the first Friday of each month, but due to holidays/hall bookings, some of our dances fall on different Fridays. Also, we sometimes dance in Wakefield, sometimes at the nearby Rupert Hall, and even outdoors in the summer, so please check the address each time before you come.

Driving? Need a ride? Try this Ride Share to The Move.

Contact Owen Tuf for more information.

Next dance (after this one): Maybe the first Friday of November. Maybe not. Contact Owen to confirm.

Check with Owen about the actual date, time, and location in October.

October 13–15 – 5 Rhythms Weekend with Evangelos in Wakefield

“There is a dance only you know how to do.” – Gabrielle Roth

5 Rhythms Forgiveness 

Make peace with your personal history. Let go of the past. Forgiveness is a vital component on the path to freedom. Learn to love and value humans, regardless of their harmful actions. Allow this to become a beacon of inspiration for others.

Unlock the frozen stories held in your body. Practice forgiving “self” and “other” through embodied movement. Blame has no real beginning; through dance, it has an end.

This life-transforming practice is suitable for all ages and all levels of physical fitness. It supports whatever practice you are exploring now, or offers an excellent start to self-exploration. No previous experience is necessary.

“When you release the past, the future is wide open.” – Evangelos

Friday October 20 at 7pm – Peace Dances Evening

Come to the next monthly Peace Dances Evening event at the University of Ottawa, hosted by Dances of Universal Peace Ottawa. (For wheelchair and washroom accessibility information, contact the organizers.)

The Dances of Universal Peace and Walking Concentrations are spiritual practice in motion. Drawing on the sacred phrases, scripture, and poetry of the many spiritual traditions of the earth, the Dances blend chant, live music and evocative movement into a living experience of unity, peace and integration. This taste of our true nature - as Universal Peace - opens to the possibility of a deep spiritual revolution within the person.

From the beginning of time, sacred movement, song and story have brought people together - at times of seasonal ceremony and celebration, as part of everyday life and life passages, in daily renewal and meditation. The Dances of Universal Peace are part of this timeless tradition of sacred movement, song and story.

Dances of Universal Peace are participatory simple circle dances and songs drawn from the earth’s sacred traditions, and other Universal songs of peace. Dress is casual. No previous experience or dance partner needed. A contribution of $5. is requested. no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Live music and a cappella.

Next dance (after this one): November 16 at 7pm, then December 15.

For more information please contact Patricia Kerr

Saturday October 28 at 7:30pm – Ecstatic Dance with DJs Rebecca and Kevin

Dance with your Ottawa/Gatineau community at the first Ottawa Inner Rhythm Ecstatic Dance this season at Surround Circle Yoga, 15 Aylmer Avenue in Ottawa. (This location is wheelchair accessible.)

Inner Rhythm Dance  Kevin and I will be hosting Inner Rhythm Ecstatic Dances the last Saturday of each month at Surround Circle Yoga, starting in October. Thanks so much Maureen for providing us with this wonderful space for us to get out of our heads and into our bodies to discover and explore our inner rhythms!

These evenings will be about community connection, open hearts, and free spirits. No drugs or alcohol please. ♥ We will meet and mingle, circle and connect, move and dance, center and tone, and end with tea and treats. All ages and abilities are welcome! Cost is $15 at the door. We SO look forward to sharing exuberant joy through dance with you!

Click on the link above for information.

April 6–8 2018 – 5 Rhythms Weekend with Evangelos in Wakefield

Theme: To be announced

Date: April 6-8, 2018

Location: Centre Wakefield La Pêche, QC (25 minutes north of Ottawa; ride sharing available)

Details available at a later date.

—– Events Outside Ottawa/Gatineau/Wakefield ——————–

Events outside the local Ottawa/Gatineau/Wakefield Region

Montréal QC: October 5–8 – 5 Rhythms Dance with Jonathan Horan

5 Rhythms Dance God, Sex, and the Body: Visit erik.iversen.ca or contact Erik Iversen for more information.

Massachusetts USA: October 19–22 – Fall Contact Improv Jam

Earthdance annual Falling Leaves Contact Improvisation Dance Jam

Autumn’s vibrancy of colors, shapes, and forms enters our bodies as we play with a range of approaches to Contact Improvisation and community. Diversity and Inclusion Scholarships available to support those who self-identify as being under-represented in CI. Sweetness embodied - dance, play and connect against a backdrop of cool nights and warm, golden days. As with our other jams, those who show up employ improvisation to design a yummy, full weekend of classes, performances and open jam times. If you’re new to Earthdance or an old friend, please come join us. All levels of experience welcome.

Montréal QC: November 17–19 – 5 Rhythms Dance with Marc Lendfers

5 Rhythms Dance Tranceformation: Visit erik.iversen.ca or contact Erik Iversen for more information.

Montréal QC: November 18–19 – Montréal International Contact Improv Jam

Montréal International Contact Improv Dance Jam The 35th Annual Montréal International Contact Improv Jam takes place in a lovely renovated church building on Sherbrooke street.

Gratitude – Thanks to each one of us, all together the encounter has been fruitful and your presence, an essential.

Contact Ian! Allen about car pooling from Ottawa/Gatineau.

Massachusetts USA: December 28 to January 2 – New Year’s Contact Improv Jam

Earthdance annual New Year’s Contact Improvisation Dance Jam

As winter swirls outside, we come together on the dance floor to find new connections through Contact Improvisation, co-creating five days of magic, intimacy, warmth, and dancing celebration. Workshops, performances, bonfires, and nonstop jamming ring in the New Year with utter joy at our biggest Jam of the year.

Contact Ian! Allen about car pooling from Ottawa/Gatineau.

Toronto: March 30–April 1 2018 – Ontario Regional Contact Improv Dance Jam

Again this year the annual Ontario Regional Contact Improv Dance Jam is in Toronto, Ontario. There is a facebook event. (This location is wheelchair accessible.)

Three days of contact improvisation on one entire floor of Canada’s National Ballet School. Three beautiful studios with grand pianos in every room. Over 250 people to dance with – the largest contact improv dance jam in North America.

One of the key values of the ORCJ is to be welcoming and friendly – to all. We want to be the multi-day Jam of choice for first time people. We have a “peer support team” available to you throughout the jam – to listen, mediate, and offer emotional support to dancers in need in English and French.

Especially welcoming to new people, non dancers, people of all sizes, ages, shapes, mental and physical abilities. The venue is completely wheelchair accessible. LGBTQ welcoming.

Register early and we should have no problem finding you a local host accommodation (billet).

It’s an incredible deal, really. A whole weekend of contact improv dance jamming, several meals, a place to stay, dance workshops, etc., all for one low price!

Details are still being arranged. Click on the links above or contact An ORCJ Human Being for more information. Contact Ian! Allen about car pooling from Ottawa to Toronto.

It is important for us that everyone feels welcome: people who are new to dance, people with disabilities, all kinds of bodies, minds and hearts; that all gender and gender expressions are welcome, womyn and men; cis and trans; of all ages, sizes and shapes, skin colours, cultures, sub-cultures and counter-cultures; that gays, lesbian, bi, queer and straight people are welcome. Whatever your story or the story of your people, your mother tongue, you are welcome, the fullness of you is welcome, no parts left out. Whatever your mind state, whether your heart is heavy or light, troubled or clear.

If there’s a way we can better include all parts of you, please let us know; we want to know. We are perfectly imperfect beings. We are going to make mistakes, and we want to learn from them and to create a jam that welcomes you.

UniCamp ON: June 19–24 2018 – Big Heart Dance Camp near Toronto

Please confirm these future 2018 dates and times with Ayrlie.

Big Heart Dance Camp is a multi-arts, intergenerational extended week/weekend gathering. (This location is partially wheelchair accessible.)

We are a growing community of artists, dancers, musicians, healers, helpers and lovers. Big Heart takes place annually in June at Unicamp of Ontario in Dufferin County, north of Toronto. Nurtured and infused by the spirited land, we strive for peace and joy by being together consciously and creatively.

Video of Big Heart Dance Camp

Big Heart reaches a broad spectrum of ages. We welcome singles, couples and families to join us. Big Heart offers a wide variety of dance, music and other healing arts classes.

  • See Yourself … dancing on the grass Big Heart Dance Camp
  • Hear Yourself … singing around the campfire
  • Feel Yourself … sharing a meal of nourishing food and rich conversation
  • Delight Yourself … watching children dance, while you sit and chat with an elder
  • Express Yourself … finding new and juicy ways to move, create, play and be
  • Give Yourself … the gift of living in creative, conscious community
  • Be Yourself … at Big Heart Dance Camp!

We welcome you to experience embodying your full creative self in a safe, supportive and playful environment. A wide array of dance, yoga, music, and other healing arts modalities are shared through playshops and evening events. Meals are eaten in community, lovingly and mindfully prepared by our kitchen team.

Big Heart Dance Camp takes place at Unicamp, near Honeywood, Ontario. Beautiful hiking trails, forest, and a swimming pond invites you to take a dip. We invite you to join us in growing our creative, conscious community as we blossom into our 9th year!

Click on the link above or contact Big Heart Dance Camp 705-444-0550 for more information. Contact Ian! Allen about car pooling from Ottawa.

Please confirm these future 2018 dates and times with Ayrlie.

Massachusetts USA: August 6–19 2018 – DNE Summer Dance Camp

New Location (Camp Timber Trails in Massachusetts) and Dates (August 6-19) for 2018! Please confirm these future 2018 dates and times with DNE.

Enjoy dance, movement, and community at the annual Dance New England Summer Dance Camp in Massachusetts in August 2018. See the 2017 Camp Schedule for a sampling of what kind of workshops might take place in the 2018 camp. Child and family friendly; free child care available much of the day.

Contact Ian! Allen about car pooling from Ottawa/Montréal.

Please confirm these future 2018 dates and times with DNE.

—– Recurring Events Outside Ottawa/Gatineau/Wakefield ——————–

Recurring Events outside the local Ottawa/Gatineau/Wakefield Region

Peterborough: Contact Improvisation and other Dance

Peterborough Dance Contact Arsalan Ahmad for details on what’s happening around Contact Improvisation Dance in Peterborough, Ontario.

There is sometimes a Special Event.

(For wheelchair and washroom accessibility information, contact Arsalan.)

For other Peterborough dance events, e.g. Ecstatic Dance, see Dance Your Bones

Peterborough: 5 Rhythms Events with Kate Huband

5 Rhythms Dance See Kate Huband – 5 Rhythms or contact Kate Huband – email for information. (For wheelchair and washroom accessibility information, contact Kate.)

“As we begin to unlock the frozen and forgotten movements in our bodies, our hearts and minds begin to expand in possibility and expression. We begin to break habits and patterns in the ways we move, feel and think. We begin to expand our understanding and expression of who we are.” – Kate Huband

Montréal: Weekly 5 Rhythms Classes with Erik Iversen

5 Rhythms Dance Freeing the Creative Spirit Teaching people to experience the pulsating sensual energy inside them and awakening their connection to flowing breath, rooted feet and a centered alive pelvis – reach up, root down, live in the heart center. Visit erik.iversen.ca or contact Erik Iversen for more information. (For wheelchair and washroom accessibility information, contact Erik.)

Montréal: Weekly 5 Rhythms Classes with Lynne Adams

5 Rhythms Dance Dance a weekly Thursday night 5 Rhythms class with Lynne Adams in Montréal – see also the FaceBook event. (For wheelchair and washroom accessibility information, contact Lynne.)

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Contact Improv Dance Jam at Earthdance – Ian! and Eva, photo by John Barrett

Contact Improv Dance Jam at Earthdance – Ian! and Eva, photo by John Barrett

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