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Let’s Dance !

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Ian! D. Allen

Contact Improv Dance Jam at Earthdance – Ian! and Karen, photo and Photoshop by Moti

Dance NewsIndexup to index

Ian! and Eva in Burlington VT Hello, Ottawa/Gatineau area dancers and movers.

Events Near Ottawa/Gatineau/Wakefield/Lanark/CarletonPlaceIndexup to index

Events in or originating from the local Ottawa/Gatineau/Wakefield/Lanark/CarletonPlace Region

Events that recur weekly or monthly show only the nearest upcoming event or two. Follow the link for future events.

>> Weekly Events <<Indexup to index

The events in this section recur weekly, with some exceptions. Check the official event page to make sure the event is scheduled on the day you want to attend.

Saturdays at 11:15am – Contact Improvisation Class and Dance Jam

Ian!, Anne-Marie(up), and Marcia Free CI Basics class and dance jam open to everyone on Saturday March 9 at 11:15am. No experience necessary! We teach you everything.

The accessible, community-run Ottawa/Gatineau Contact Improvisation Dance classes and jams run a free all-welcome CI Basics class and dance jam at 11:15am on March 9 open to everyone, especially people new to CI dance. Follow this link for details on time, location, and what to wear: Contact Improv Dance Basics.

CI dancers who have already taken a CI Basics class in Ottawa are welcome to attend any of our weekly CI jams continuing most Saturdays until June 22.

ODD/CDC Ottawa Dance Directive The ODD/CDC studio is fully accessible, with a large accessible washroom on the same floor as the dance space.

CI Dancers at the Ottawa CI dance jam: Ken, Kia, Isabelle, Barbara, Anne-Marie(up), Ian!, Marcia

Sundays at 10:15am – Dance to Nature (outdoors) with Alana

See the facebook: Dance to Nature group on The Facebook or contact Alana O’Donnell for current information. Some Sundays have no facilitated dances.

The grassy dance area is not very friendly to wheelchairs, though there are paved paths adjacent. Accessible city washrooms are available in the main building at Mooney’s Bay.

Sundays at 6:15pm – Contact Improvisation Class and Jam with Kristen

Weekly Sunday evening dance dates until June 30 2024: facebook: Kristen Lewis CI Class and Jam (Note: The facebook end time of 9:15pm doesn’t match the written text end time of 8:15pm; contact Kristen to know which is correct.)

See the links to weekly Kristen’s Sunday Contact Improv, Kristen Lewis’ Google Group, and Kristen Lewis’ events under Local events with links available on The Facebook below.

ODD/CDC Ottawa Dance Directive The ODD/CDC studio is fully accessible, with a large accessible washroom on the same floor as the dance space.

Mondays at 7pm – bilingual Biodanza with Anne Marie Riel

Biodanza This event has no online site on which to post updates, so you have to contact Anne-Marie Riel to make sure that there are no last-minute changes.

  • Come and join the dance! Weekly drop-in on Mondays 7pm-9:15pm.
  • (No dance on Easter Monday April 1.)
  • The evening is bilingual English/French.
  • Centre Jules-Desbiens, 109 Wright Street (at Leduc), Gatineau.
  • Elevator entrance on the right; free parking around the building.
  • Easy free parking and buses nearby (Terrasses de la Chaudière).
Viens danser la joie d’être vivant, vivante!
La Biodanza est une pratique qui s’adresse à tout le monde.
Danser la vie, c’est prendre du temps pour retrouver le meilleur de soi.
Danser la vie, c’est entrer dans la simplicité et le plaisir des liens humains.
Danser la vie, c’est offrir au monde la qualité de ma présence aimante.
À la joie de vous accueillir pour danser ensemble!
Bienvenue à tous et à toutes!
  • Biodanza chaque lundi à 19h00
  • Au Centre Jules-Desbiens à Gatineau (Hull) 109 rue Wright (coin Leduc) au rez-de-chaussée
  • Ascenseur disponible à droite de l’édifice – stationnement gratuit autour de l’édifice
  • Pour informations et inscription: Anne-Marie Riel 450-266-4511 ou 613-316-8118

Wednesdays at 4pm – MERA Dance Collective dance

MERA dance collective The MERA dance collective is back! This group will meet most Wednesdays in Dean Hall at the MERA Schoolhouse, 974 Dalhousie Concession 9A, McDonald’s Corners, ON (about an hour from Ottawa). Check The Facebook for any facebook: MERA changes or updates.

Join us for groovy tunes in a darkened room with colored lights to be free to move however you would like! As the group evolves, different members may take turns doing playlists and setting up so we can explore different styles of movement and change it up! No cost; no experience necessary; all are welcome. Wear clothes that allow you to move. Dance in bare feet or shoes if you wish.

For more info please contact MERA admin Alexis at or Kat Elliott at 613-278-0259.

Wheelchair accessibility: Our space has a ramp and a wheelchair accessible washroom. In the winter, our maintenance person does their best to keep the entrance clear so the entrance can be as accessible as possible.

MERA Dance Collective

Wednesdays at 6:30pm – African Dance Classes de Danse with Shara

This event has no online site on which to post updates, so you have to contact Shara Weaver to make sure that there are no last-minute changes.

The floor is your first partner Wednesdays, Mercredis
   6:30pm to 8:00 pm
Winter/Hivers 2024
   Tiriba of/de Baga and Landuma
   Sandia/Lamban - of/de Bamana/Malinke
   Jan 10, 17, 24, 31
   Feb 7, 14
   $120 for session of all 6 classes or $25 Drop-In/ A La Carte
Spring/Printemps 2024
   Sinte of/de Nalu
   Guinea Fare of/de Susu
   Mar 6, 13, 20, 27
   April 3, 10, 17
   $140 for all 7 classes or $25 Drop-In/ A La Carte
Great live musicians! All abilities are welcome…
Shara aims to teach as inclusively as possible
L’Avant Premiere /217 rue Montcalm Street, Hull PQ
Register - Pour s’inscrire / 613-240-9775

Informed by in-depth dance training from Ghana, Mali and Guinea, West-Africa, Shara is a core member of Cobra du Mandingue and Artistic Associate of Propeller Dance. Informée par une formation approfondie en danse au Ghana, au Mali et en Guinée , en Afrique de l’Ouest, Shara est un membre principal de Cobra du Mandingue et associée artistique de Propeller Dance.

February 23 at 7:30pm – Rupert Ecstatic dance with Owen TufIndexup to index

This event has no online site on which to post updates, so you have to contact Owen Tuf to make sure that there are no last-minute changes.

Karen and Ian! at Earthdance, photo by Moti From Owen Tuf:

Rather than dance as entertainment, we dance in celebration, play, exploration, expansive awareness, transformation, building community and expressive freedom. As a form of meditation-in-motion, the music starts slow, builds energy, then ends in a meditative space. We gather as part of the worldwide community of Ecstatic Dance.

The general guidelines are about creating a safe and sacred space to move however you wish, honouring your body and allowing respectful connection with others in your dancing. We move in barefeet (or socks of course), everybody is welcome (children accompanied by an adult), and know that it’s a drug/alcohol free and scent free zone (no perfume pls).

You can come to the whole event, starting with an opening circle and centering, or just drop in for a visit during the evening. We ask movers to refrain from talking on the dance floor to allow one another to deepen into the experience of expression through movement, but if you would like to chit-chat, there is comfortable space in the lobby for hanging out!

Danse Extatique Wakefield fait partie de la communauté mondiale de Danse Extatique.

Plutôt que de danser pour nous divertir, nous dansons pour célébrer, jouer, explorer, prendre conscience, transformer, construire une communauté et exprimer notre liberté. En tant que forme de méditation en mouvement, la musique commence doucement, monte en énergie puis se termine en créant un espace méditatif.

Les directives générales consistent à créer un espace sécuritaire et sacré pour bouger comme vous le souhaitez, en honorant votre corps et en permettant une connexion respectueuse avec les autres à travers la danse. Nous bougeons pieds nus (ou en chaussettes, bien sûr), tout le monde est le bienvenu (incluant les enfants accompagnés d’un adulte), et c’est une zone sans drogue/alcool et sans parfum.

Vous pouvez assister à l’ensemble de l’événement, en commençant par un cercle d’ouverture et un centrage, ou simplement passer nous voir pendant la soirée. Nous demandons aux participants de s’abstenir de parler sur la piste de danse afin de permettre aux autres d’approfondir leur expérience, mais si vous souhaitez bavarder, il y a un espace confortable dans l’entrée pour le faire.

February 25 at 10:15am – Dance Temple Ecstatic Dance with KatieIndexup to index

This dance happens on Sunday every two weeks until at least May 19 2024. See the links to Katie’s Dance Temple Ottawa and Katie Bigras’ events under Links to Various Local Dance/Movement Pages below. “As interest and participation increases, we intend to increase our offering frequency so stay tuned.”

This location is wheelchair accessible with an accessible washroom.

Dance Temple Ecstatic Dance

March 1 at 7pm – Dances of Universal PeaceIndexup to index

We gather again to dance the Dances of Universal Peace. It is time now. We will dance at the First United Church in Westboro neighborhood of Ottawa. You are invited to dance for peace – bring a friend! The Dances of Universal Peace are a 40 year old tradition of dancing to simple chants from a variety of the world’s religions in a simple and peaceful moving meditation. Newcomers are happily welcomed. No previous experience or dance partner needed. All dances and movements are learned on the spot. A donation will be requested (Suggested $10.) No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Our leaders and musicians team includes Marlene Neufeld, Bob Neufeld, Pat Kerr and Yves St-Pierre.

This location is wheelchair accessible with an accessible washroom.

March 7 at 7:30pm – Ecstatic Dance at Rosemount HallIndexup to index

facebook: March 7 Ecstatic Dance

These evening Ecstatic Dances usually take place on the first and third Thursdays each month at the Rosemount Orange Hall at 41 Rosemount Avenue in Ottawa. Different people run these events, each with their own facebook sites, so you have to look in multiple places to find out the details, and the start times aren’t always the same; sometimes they start at 7pm and sometimes they start at 7:30pm. The events are only visible on The Facebook; there is no public web page. Try looking in all these places for the upcoming events:

The Rosemount Orange Hall is not accessible; there are many steps up to the dance floor and the washroom is too small for a wheelchair.

March 8 at 7:30pm – Bilingual Happy Vendredi Biodanza with Isabelle and RémiIndexup to index

Happy Vendredi

March 9 at 7pm – Inner Rhythms-Ecstatic Dance & Sound Healing with RebeccaIndexup to index

Please join Rebecca White Raven and Kevin Guerette for an evening of intentional body-driven movement and sound healing! We will create a container to allow full body expression, to let go, be free, allow love and joy and discovery of our inner being. We will end the evening with a healing sound bath to integrate the experience. We look forward to sharing exuberant joy through dance with you!

Workshop must be booked through an account created in the Mountain Goat Student Portal.

Ecstatic Dance

March 16 at 7:30m – Friends&Family Inclusive Dance at DovercourtIndexup to index

A Friends&Family Inclusive Dance

Dovercourt Recreation Centre is hosting regular Inclusion dances for our special needs community. These dances were formerly organized by Able2. Cash at the door. Informal Parent Group: 7:30-9pm. Masks & vaccinations are recommended.

We are pleased to announce that Families Matter Co-op is returning to host their informal Parent/Caregiver discussion group during the dance! Please come by while your loved one is dancing for a chance to meet and network with members of your support community from 7:00-9:00.

Upcoming inclusive dances: March 16, April 20, May 1

This community space is fully accessible.

Inclusive Dance

March 23 at 5:15pm – Sacred Circle Dance by WitchSchool’s Kiki KeskinenIndexup to index

facebook: Sacred Circle Dance in Ottawa’s Strathcona Park.

Kiki “Join WitchSchool and help me celebrate my birthday. Be my guest for a short outdoor ritual (no fee) in a public park (outdoors). Bring a glass jar with a candle in it to burn / to hold it while together. We may go eat at the restaurant across the walking bridge afterwards, if you’d like to join in for that too. We will teach an ancestral pilgrim circle dance and conduct a trance like spiral dance. These are taught from one generation to another over thousands of years of witchcraft. We will be casting a spell for manifestation, that starts with your own chosen words: I AM… I learned these spell casting dances from Diane Schreiner who learned them from her teacher Laura Shannon. Join us at 5:15pm as the light dims over the snow and casts shadows to the night. All are welcomed but we will be in quiet and in stillness at times.”

>> April 8 at 2pm – Total Solar Eclipse – Southern Ontario, Québec <<Indexup to index

Total Solar Eclipse A total eclipse of the sun will occur on April 8, 2024, visible in southern Ontario and Québec. Remember to wear eye protection!

The eclipse will not be total in the Ottawa area; the centreline of the totality passes just south of the USA border. The only nearby Canadian city near the centreline is Sherbrooke, QC. See the above map link for details. The southern part of Montréal Island will experience a very brief 100% eclipse. Remember to wear eye protection!

NOTE: Seeing a full 100% total eclipse is entirely different from seeing even a 99.9% eclipse. Get out of Ottawa and go to where the centreline passes directly overhead. You will be glad you did. The next total eclipse within a day’s driving distance of Ottawa won’t be until 2099! Remember to wear eye protection!

Most calendar years have two solar eclipses, each visible only in a limited area. The maximum number of solar eclipses that can take place in the same year is five, but this is rare. According to NASA calculations, only about 25 years in the past 5,000 years have had five solar eclipses. The last time this happened was in 1935, and the next time will be in 2206. List of upcoming Solar Eclipses

April 12 at 7:30pm – Bilingual Happy Vendredi Biodanza with Isabelle and RémiIndexup to index

See March 8 for description, time, and venue.

May 19 at 2pm – Lola Ryan Celebration of LifeIndexup to index

Ottawa dance artist and teacher Lola Ryan (1946–2023) passed away on the morning of November 14 2023. The Celebration of Lola’s Life will take place on Sunday May 19 2024 from 2pm–4pm at Arts Court in Ottawa. – Monique, Théa, Antoine, Susan, and Roger

“So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing.” – T.S. Eliot

Lola Ryan   1946 – 2023

June 7–9 – Ottawa CI Weekend with Jonathan LillyIndexup to index

One of the most exciting parts of contact improvisation in the dancing the happens when our feet leave the ground. No longer earthbound, we need special skills to orient ourselves in gravity and return to earth safely. In this workshop we’ll practice skills for lifting off, navigating while flying, and descending. We’ll learn several different types of slides, rolls, and falls – including some that are rarely taught – so we’re prepared for the unexpected. Participants can expect to leave the workshop with the ability to fly safely and joyfully.

Complete beginners to contact improvisation are welcome, as are advanced practitioners. A priority is placed on safety and inclusivity.

The instructor, Jonathan Lilly, has been dancing and training in contact improvisation for the past decade, and has taught weekend or longer workshops in Toronto, Montreal, Lasqueti Island, Burlington Vermont, Seattle, and Bergen, Norway. Prior to coming to contact, Jonathan practiced the martial art of aikido for 25 years, attaining the rank of yondan or fourth degree black belt. His teaching style attempts to balance rigour and precision with individual curiosity and creativity. He is delighted to be invited to teach in Ottawa for the first time.

ODD/CDC Ottawa Dance Directive The ODD/CDC studio is fully accessible, with a large accessible washroom on the same floor as the dance space.

Details to follow.

Outside Ottawa/Gatineau/Wakefield/Lanark/CarletonPlaceIndexup to index

Events outside the local Ottawa/Gatineau/Wakefield/Lanark/CarletonPlace Region

Contact Ian Allen about car pooling from Ottawa to some of the above dance events.

Toronto ON: January–May Weekends – Constellations CI Curriculum with Jonathan LillyIndexup to index

Montréal QC: February 19–23 – CI Master Class with Kirsten LewisIndexup to index

Association Contact Improvisation facebook: CI Master Class with Kirsten Lewis

(Note: For this event Kristen sometimes spells her name as Kirsten.)

“Class will offer a mix of deep structure and wide-open invitation to freedom, sourced from my deep work in process at the juncture between dance theatre, contact improvisation, embodied anatomy, and the rigours of ceremonially inspired, sacrificially oriented performance art.

I offer a carefully ordered adventure with the goal of empowering you to uncover possibilities that teeter in the corners: the held back belly laughter that waits to burst into life at exactly that place where you thought: what now?

Suitable for a variety of levels: sufficiently rigorous to appeal to the professional dance artist hungry for challenge (both physical and intellectual/creative); open to the warrior looking to dance to study life and self and other; and accessible to those newer to dance, who will learn within a container of safety, permission, and deep nourishment. Ages 18-118.”

«Ce cours offrira un mélange de structure profonde et une invitation ouverte à la liberté, puisée dans mon travail approfondi à la jonction entre le théâtre de danse, l’improvisation de contact, l’anatomie incarnée et les rigueurs de l’art de la performance inspirée par la cérémonie et l’orientation sacrificielle.

J’offre une aventure soigneusement ordonnée dans le but de vous donner le pouvoir de découvrir des possibilités qui se balancent dans les coins : le rire retenu dans le ventre qui attend d’éclater à cet endroit précis où vous vous êtes dit : que faire maintenant ?

Convient à divers niveaux : suffisamment rigoureux pour séduire l’artiste de danse professionnel en quête de défis (à la fois physiques et intellectuels/créatifs) ; ouvert au guerrier qui souhaite danser pour étudier la vie, le soi et l’autre ; et accessible à ceux qui sont nouveaux dans la danse, qui apprendront dans un cadre de sécurité, d’autorisation et de nourriture profonde. De 18 à 118 ans.»

Singhampton ON: February 23–25 – Contact Improv Workshop&Retreat with Tanya&AyrlieIndexup to index

facebook: Dancing at the Sweet Edge: Contact Improv Workshop & Retreat

You have two main possibilities for participating:

The Sweet Spot You are invited into a playful discovery of your moving growing edges through contact improvisation.
The edge where our body meets the world,
Meets itself as an extension of it.
That edge where longing becomes belonging.
That sweet spot where we learn the most,
Where knowing meets unknowing.
Suspending becomes cascade.
Where effort meets ease.
And capacity, surrender.
Tension unravels and we expand into new territory.
Where new pathways are laid down
In the wake of a satisfying challenge.
And the research just generates another juicy question.
So much happens at this edge of me and you.
We play with words and ways to describe what we see there.
Let ourselves be seen,
Offer a mirror,
And invite what we deeply want.

In this workshop, we will take the time to tune into the deep intelligence of the body. From here we will explore contact as a way to uncover the alive learning edges that deepen our relationship with ourselves and each other.

This will be a workshop-retreat because we will allow time for rest & renewal, saunas, walks in this beautiful place and connecting with others. Retreat accommodation is offered at Ayrlie’s parents homestead farm (also a beautiful place with a hearth!).

Earthdance MA: March 4–7,7–10 – Earthdance Form&Imagination and COCO jamIndexup to index

Earthdance Earthdance Form & Imagination: Embodied Research|Composition|CI Training and COCO Jam

Contact Improvisation culture and exploration began as performative research amongst dancers and creative movement artists. 50 years after its inception, CI is used as both social form, CI Jam practice, and dance research. Every practitioner of this art-sport adapts a slightly different approach and style, and yet there are common threads that recur through the form.

This training will give time to create common physical language while also allowing dancers to find personal choice making. This Spring Training and Creation Lab is an invitation for dancers and movers to explore the language and strategies of CI in the context of composition, choreography and performance. We would love for you to bring your varied dance and movement backgrounds into this shared container of making and join us in research. Together, we will train availability to follow unexpected directionality and momentum, study the modulation of weight, and through these practices use shared language to heighten communication, galvanize creativity, and fuel development of personal aesthetics.

What is a CoCo Jam?

Community Collaborative Jams are a new and unfolding program concept at Earthdance which launched in early 2022. This new programming thread was driven by the desire for more opportunities to dance CI and to connect with the community in smaller containers. Similar to Seasonal Jams, the CoCo jam has one or more hosts that, rather than always being professional artists with strong facilitation skills, can be dedicated Earthdance community members and upcoming dancers building their leadership skills. Support staff is also more limited compared to our seasonal jams and participants are invited into a higher degree of autonomy and self care. Similarly, the workshop offerings and schedule are also more influenced by the community members themselves and created on a more adhoc basis.

This location is wheelchair accessible.


Field Center VT: March 28-31 – The Shake WorkshopIndexup to index

At The Field Center north-west of Rockingham in south-east Vermont:

The Field Center is hosting its second ever SHAKE Workshop! This somatic durational exploration is created and facilitated by Anya Smolnikova & Rose Cole-Cohen. Through multiple daily Group Shakes, guided movement, and supported rest, we will collectively shake up and nurture our sweet nervous systems.

Each day will be structured around 2 one-hour long shakes, with a final two-hour Big Shake on Sunday. Guided movement, writing, and drawing sessions will be offered to process what arises in our bodies. Our practice will be supported by nutritious home-cooked meals, beautiful studios, steamy saunas, cozy fireplace, {optional} cold plunges, and more.

We offer 3 full scholarships for Black, Indigenous and People of Color [BIPOC] folks in each session, as well as 3 Work Trade spots in each session.

The Field Center

Earthdance MA: April 4–7,7–9 – Earthdance Spring CI Dance JamIndexup to index

Spring Jam and Post Jam Lab

Contact Ian Allen about car pooling from Ottawa to this event and to the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8.


>> April 8 at 2pm – Total Solar Eclipse – Northern NY, VT, ME <<Indexup to index

A total eclipse of the sun will occur on April 8, 2024, visible in northern New York State, northern Vermont, and northern Maine. Remember to wear eye protection!

NOTE: Seeing a full 100% total eclipse is entirely different from seeing even a 99.9% eclipse. Go to where the centreline passes directly overhead. You will be glad you did. Remember to wear eye protection!

Most calendar years have two solar eclipses, each visible only in a limited area. The maximum number of solar eclipses that can take place in the same year is five, but this is rare. According to NASA calculations, only about 25 years in the past 5,000 years have had five solar eclipses. The last time this happened was in 1935, and the next time will be in 2206. List of upcoming Solar Eclipses

MA: May 9–12 – Touch&Play Massachusetts: The First Spring SwimIndexup to index

Touch&Play Massachusetts: The First Spring Swim (venue TBA, somewhere in Massachusetts?)

Touch&Play Massachusetts

Honeywood ON: June 18–23 – Big Heart Dance Camp with AyrlieIndexup to index

Big Heart Dance Camp Big Heart Dance Camp welcomes you…

To experience embodying your full creative self in a safe, supportive and playful environment. Join us in growing our creative, conscious community as we blossom into our second decade! Keep browsing around to learn more, or if you know that being nourished by nature, good food and movement is what you need, click the ‘Register here’ button!

This event takes place annually on the grounds of Unicamp, a 90-minute drive north-west of Toronto.

Contact Ian Allen about car pooling from Ottawa to this event.

Big Heart Dance Camp

Earthdance MA: June 28–July 5 – Earthdance Summer CI Dance JamIndexup to index

Save the date. For more information, if there is any, see the Earthdance web site.

Contact Ian Allen about car pooling from Ottawa to this event.


MA: July 8–13 – Touch&Play Massachusetts: Dive DeepIndexup to index

Touch&Play Massachusetts: Dive Deep (venue TBA, somewhere in Massachusetts?)

Touch&Play Massachusetts

Sutton QC: July 18–21 – The Sutton JamIndexup to index

Association Contact Improvisation facebook: The Sutton Jam July 18-21 (four days: Thursday to Sunday) in Sutton QC near the USA border 120km south-east of Montréal.

NEW: The jam is four days long this year!

Come for dance, pond swimming and sauna playing outdoors and night bonfire singing. Hear the roosters crow, horses gallop and frogs croak. Sleep in cabins, the big house or tent in the orchard or forest. Your summer dreams come true.

Contact Ian Allen about car pooling from Ottawa to this event.

The Sutton Jam

Tolland MA: July 31–August 11 – DNE Summer Dance CampIndexup to index

DNE Summer Dance Camp Dance New England Summer Dance Camp Wednesday July 31 through Sunday August 11 2024.

NOTICE: The DNE web site may not be updated yet and still show old information from 2023.

Up to eleven days of dance, movement, drumming, yoga, workshops, food, and clothing-optional private swimming in the woods of Camp Timber Trails outside of Tolland in south-western Massachusetts. On-site all-ages daytime child care is included in the event fee so that parents may attend workshops. A camp schedule is available (may not be updated yet for 2024).

Contact Ian Allen about car pooling from Ottawa to this event.

DNE Summer Dance Camp at Camp Timber Trails

Durham ON: August 29–September 2 – Camp Contact with Tanya&AyrlieIndexup to index

facebook: Camp Contact

Hello Dancers, CAMP CONTACT 2024 will be held at Riverstone Retreat in Durham again! YAYYYY! We had so much positive feedback about the location. Riverstone is such a unique and special place. Book it into your end of summer calendars now. Early Bird Registration will be available at the end of June.

Contact Ian Allen about car pooling from Ottawa to this event.

Big Heart Dance Camp

Montréal QC: August 30–September 2 – CI and Relational Intelligence with Nita LittleIndexup to index

Association Contact Improvisation facebook: CI and Relational Intelligence with Nita Little at Studio Parbleux in Montreal.

“Embark on a transformative journey of movement exploration and embodied learning with renowned dancer and teacher, Nita Little. Join us for a four-day immersive retreat over Labour Day Weekend, where we will delve deep into the realms of Contact Improvisation and Relational Intelligence.”

Lancez-vous dans un voyage transformateur d’exploration du mouvement et d’apprentissage incarné avec la danseuse et enseignante de renom, Nita Little. Rejoignez-nous pour une retraite immersive de quatre jours pendant le week-end de la Fête du Travail, où nous plongerons profondément dans les domaines de l’Improvisation de Contact et de l’Intelligence Relationnelle.

  • 18 heures d’enseignement : Guidés par l’expertise de Nita Little, les participants s’engageront dans 18 heures d’ateliers intensifs et de discussions explorant l’Improvisation de Contact et les subtilités de l’Intelligence Relationnelle.
  • Connexion communautaire : Connectez-vous avec des individus partageant les mêmes passions pour le mouvement, la danse et la croissance personnelle. Partagez des expériences, des idées et créez des liens durables au sein de notre communauté dynamique.

Earthdance MA: October 17–20 – Earthdance Fall CI Dance JamIndexup to index

Save the date. For more information, if there is any, see the Earthdance web site.

Contact Ian Allen about car pooling from Ottawa to this event.


Earthdance MA: December 27 2024 – January 3 2025 – Earthdance Winter CI Dance JamIndexup to index

Save the date. For more information, if there is any, see the Earthdance web site.

Contact Ian Allen about car pooling from Ottawa to this event.


Recurring Events Outside the Ottawa/Gatineau RegionIndexup to index

Recurring Events outside the local Ottawa/Gatineau/Wakefield/Lanark/CarletonPlace Region

Some of these events changed during the pandemic. If the listing below seems out-of-date, please contact the organizers.

Picton ON: Barefoot Groove Tonic Free Form DanceIndexup to index

facebook: Groove Tonic PEC hosts a weekly barefoot, free-form movement and dance event in Picton (Prince Edward County).

For wheelchair and washroom accessibility information, contact the organizer.

Peterborough ON: Contact Improvisation and other DanceIndexup to index

Dear contact dancers (or those who want to do contact improvisation!),
Opal and Suzanne are hosting a contact dance jam space at Studio 505 at 505 Sherbrooke Street on the 4th Sunday of the month between 4-5pm.
Dates are below.
We will start with just an hour and a silent jam and we can consider expansion, depending on interest.
$10/jam or $35 for 5 jams if paid in advance. Please bring cash.
Please share this with anyone who would be interested.
We look forward to dancing with you!
Best, Suzanne and Opal
Mark your calendars!:
Jan 28 2024
Feb 25 2024
Mar 24 2024
Apr 28 2024
May 26 2024

This location is wheelchair accessible with an accessible washroom.

For other Peterborough dance events, e.g. Ecstatic Dance, see Dance Your Bones

Cobourg ON: Monthly Ecstatic Dance with JustineIndexup to index

Ecstatic Dance Cobourg

Our mission: to invite pure, unabashed self-expression through movement, in a warm, permissive, nonjudgmental space. NOTE: the capacity of our space is limited to 65 people; therefore, please register ahead so that you can ensure you have a spot.

This is a dance intended for all bodies, and St. Peter’s Church is an accessible space with an elevator. There are no “moves” or “steps,” but rather just an invitation to do what feels right. This kind of dance can look like anything – it can be big, small, upright, or lying down. As long as you are moving and breathing, you are doing it right.

Cobourg Ecstatic Dance

Montréal QC: Biodanza and Authentic Movement with Catherine Fabiola LessardIndexup to index

Catherine Lessard Dance and celebrate – Danser, se rassembler, célébrer, s’émerveiller …

Classes in Biodanza and Authentic Movement in and near Montréal with Catherine Fabiola Lessard

Currently (February 2024) only the French pages are up-to-date. The English pages still date from 2021.

Biodanza Canada

Montréal QC: Weekly 5Rhythms Classes with Erik IversenIndexup to index

Freeing the Creative Spirit Teaching people to experience the pulsating sensual energy inside them and awakening their connection to flowing breath, rooted feet and a centered alive pelvis – reach up, root down, live in the heart center. Visit or or contact Erik Iversen for more information. (For wheelchair and washroom accessibility information, contact Erik.)

Erik Iversen 5Rhythms

Montréal QC: 5Rhythms Classes with Lynne AdamsIndexup to index

Dance a weekly Thursday night 5Rhythms class with Lynne Adams in Montréal. (For wheelchair and washroom accessibility information, contact Lynne.)

Lynne Adams 5Rhythms

Montréal QC: Ecstatic DancesIndexup to index

  1. facebook: Communauté Soirée danse Extatique
  2. Plein Soleil Soirée danse Extatique   Instagram: Plein Soleil   facebook: Plein Soleil
Ecstatic Dance Montréal

Bas-Saint-Laurent QC: Contact Improvisation Bas-Saint-LaurentIndexup to index

facebook: Contact Improvisation Bas-Saint-Laurent

Groupe pour faciliter l’épanouissement de la communauté de contact impro dans la région. Cours, jams, covoiturage vers des activités ailleurs au Québec, etc.

Québec QC: Contact Improvisation, Communauté de QuébecIndexup to index

facebook: Contact Improvisation de la ville de Québec

Bienvenue à tous. Les jams de Contact improvisation seront annoncés dans le groupe par le biais d’évènements. Consultez la publication épinglée pour plus d’information.

Sherbrooke QC: Biodanza with Yves LégerIndexup to index

Classes are facilitated in French (with possible English translation on request): Biodanza Sherbrooke: français and Sherbrook Biodanza: English (The English pages may not be updated; use the French pages!)

Biodanza Canada

Recurring Online Dance/Movement EventsIndexup to index

Online Rise & Shine ShakeIndexup to index

Shake! Mornings, afternoons, and evenings

Rise&Shine Shake

Saturdays 12:45pm – Online CI-Inspired Weekly Score & Jam: Beyond SaudadeIndexup to index

Beyond Saudade

Beyond Saudade

Mondays 9:30pm – Online DJ Sillydelic Dance FamilyIndexup to index

Wednesdays 8:30pm – bioLUMINosity Online Trance DanceIndexup to index

facebook: ~bioLUMINosity®~ Edge of Trance dance, meditation, playground.

Online Dance ClassesIndexup to index

Quotations and poetry about danceIndexup to index

Rumi on DancingIndexup to index

Ottawa CI Dance
Dancing is not just getting up painlessly,
like a leaf blown on the wind;
dancing is when you tear your heart out
and rise out of your body
to hang suspended between the worlds.

Jewel Mathieson opening excerpt from We Have Come to Be DancedIndexup to index

Ian! and Eva in Burlington VT
We have come to be danced
not the pretty dance
not the pretty pretty, pick me, pick me dance
but the claw our way back into the belly
of the sacred, sensual animal dance
the unhinged, unplugged, cat is out of its box dance
the holding the precious moment in the palms
of our hands and feet dance

Steve Paxton explains the initiation of contact improvisationIndexup to index

Ottawa CI Dance – Alexis and Ken If people ask me how to Contact Improvise, I simply say, “Start small” or, “Start small for a long time.”

After fifty years of all this, I realize I should have said,

“Go beyond small to the place where no message is being given. Start there. Let small be the first of the pleasures to come.”

Accept the first perturbation of that emptiness as the focus of the next moments. It is not a dance about you, or your partner. It is a dance about its movement.

Martha Graham on being an artistIndexup to index

Ontario Regional Contact Jam There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open. You do not even have to believe in yourself or your work. You have to keep yourself open and aware to the urges that motivate you. Keep the channel open. … No artist is pleased. [There is] no satisfaction whatever at any time. There is only a queer divine dissatisfaction, a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive than the others.

T.S.Eliot excerpt from Burnt Norton from Four QuartetsIndexup to index

[…] I cannot say where…
At the still point of the turning world.
Neither flesh or fleshless;
Neither from nor towards;
at the still point, there the dance is,
But neither arrest nor movement.
And do not call it fixity,
Where past and future are gathered.
Neither movement from nor towards,
Neither ascent nor decline.
Except for the point, the still point,
There would be no dance,
and there is only the dance.
I can only say, there we have been: but I cannot say where.
And I cannot say, how long, for that is to place it in time.

Mary Oliver opening excerpt from Wild GeeseIndexup to index

Contact Improv in Montréal
You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
for a hundred miles through the desert repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.

Hanna Poikonen tells how dancers listen attentivelyIndexup to index

Contact Improv in Montréal Dancers who pursue graceful movement must practice being aware of their bodies and being aware of wordless communication. These skills are particularly important today, when we spend so much time sitting and in virtual realities. Our way of life has taken us further from our own physical experiences and the understanding of the wordless emotional messages of others. For example, contact improvisation makes the dancers listen attentively to the body of their partner. Touch is known to reduce pain, fear and anxiety.

Contact Improvisation – Alexis and Ken in Ottawa

EMail Subscription ManagementIndexup to index

Contact Improv Dance Jam at Earthdance – Ian! and Eva, photo by John Barrett
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