Peterborough Area Contact Improv

Peterborough Contact Improv is currently inactive.

Contact Arsalan Ahmad for details on what’s happening around Contact Improvisation Dance in Peterborough, Ontario.

(Peterborough people: See Suzanne Galloway for the userid and password and instructions on how to update this page.)

For other Peterborough dance events, e.g. Ecstatic Dance, see Dance Your Bones

Peterborough: 5 Rhythms Events with Kate Huband

See Kate Huband – 5 Rhythms or contact Kate Huband – email for information. (For wheelchair and washroom accessibility information, contact Kate.)

“As we begin to unlock the frozen and forgotten movements in our bodies, our hearts and minds begin to expand in possibility and expression. We begin to break habits and patterns in the ways we move, feel and think. We begin to expand our understanding and expression of who we are.” – Kate Huband